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February 15, 2005

Street Acceptance Procedures

In an effort to improve the Fairfax County bond release and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) street acceptance processes; the county in conjunction with VDOT will be implementing new street acceptance procedures. The submission and approval of most of the paperwork that is required by the state and is needed to obtain acceptance of the street for maintenance will occur earlier in the development process. Effective June 6, 2005, most of the paperwork will be required to be submitted and approved either as part of the VDOT Tie-In Permit process for site plans, with the exception of townhouse projects, or prior to the first bond extension for subdivision plans and site plans associated with townhouse projects. Obtaining approval of the paperwork earlier in the process should reduce the overall time it takes to complete all of the development obligations and achieve bond release. The following street acceptance procedures will be in effect as noted in the paragraphs below.

  1. All new site plans and public improvement plans that have not received a VDOT Tie-In Permit prior to June 6, 2005, will be required to submit and obtain VDOT approval of the new Initial Street Acceptance Package prior to receiving a tie-in permit. See attachment 1 for a flow chart of the new street acceptance process for site plans.

  2. All subdivision plans, site plans for the construction of townhouse dwelling units and site plans that have received a Tie-In Permit prior to June 6, 2005, that are bonded with Fairfax County and that require VDOT acceptance of a street or additional right-of-way that submit a bond extension request after June 6, 2005, should submit a signed copy of the VDOT Initial Street Acceptance Package memorandum with the bond extension request. See Attachment 3 (below) for a flow chart of the street acceptance process for subdivision plans and site plans associated with townhouse projects.

With the exception:

Projects where the developer has submitted a complete and accurate initial or final street acceptance package to Fairfax County's site inspector prior to June 6, 2005, will be processed in accordance with current procedures.

All projects that have not received Fairfax County Board resolution or are scheduled to be presented for Fairfax County Board resolution on or after June 6, 2005, must provide a completed Street Acceptance Form to the Fairfax County Site Inspector as part of the Final Street Acceptance Package. Please coordinate with the project site inspector for information on the scheduled date streets will be presented to the Board for resolution.

The county and VDOT will begin processing new street acceptance packages in accordance with the revised procedures described in this letter to industry and the attached flow charts on May 2, 2005.

New Initial Street Acceptance Packages

All new Initial Street Acceptance Packages should be submitted by the Developer's engineer who designed the project directly to VDOT's Permit Section in accordance with these instructions and the attached flow charts. The following items must be included in the Initial Street Acceptance Package:

  1. A completed Street Acceptance Form.

  2. A copy of the recorded deeds. One (1) paper copy and one (1) pdf file.

  3. Red-lined recorded plats. One (1) paper copy and one (1) scanned pdf file copy. Note: A composite drawing is required if the plat exceeds three sheets.

  4. One (1) tif file of a copy of the full set of approved plans with Engineer's stamp and signature.

  5. One (1) copy and one (1) electronic file of the Completed Road Data Information Sheet(s).

  6. Street Sketch: The base sketch can be obtained by contacting Fairfax County Geographic Information Systems Diivision. The Street Sketch must be completed and certified by a Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  7. Memorandum from Geographic Information Systems Division to the Virginia Department of Transportation, Attachment 5 (PDF).

An electronic version of the Street Acceptance Form in MS Word can be obtained at no charge by contacting the Environmental and Facilities Inspections Division at 703-324-1950, TTY 711. The form must be completed using Arial font. VDOT will formally notify the county when the street acceptance package has been approved. For planning purposes, review and approval of the Initial Street Acceptance Package may take up to 30 days. The new street acceptance package should be approved by VDOT before the county will consider approval of the development agreement extension requests submitted after June 5, 2005. It is important to note that construction of the street does not have to be complete in order to obtain approval of the street acceptance package or approval of a development agreement extension request.

CE-7 Package

Following completion of the physical improvements, the next step that must be performed as part of the process to obtain acceptance of a street into the state's system for maintenance, is the Virginia Department of Transportation's (VDOT) approval of the CE-7/Utility Package (CE-7 package). Fairfax County will provide the developer with a letter addressed to VDOT when the all of the physical improvements that are depicted on the approved site or subdivision plan within the dedicated right-of-way (ROW) are complete.

The CE-7 packages will only be accepted for review by VDOT if a copy of this letter is included with the package. The developer must include a sealable envelope or container in which the entire package will be placed following VDOT's approval. VDOT will stamp or initial the sealed CE-7 package to indicate that it has been approved. The original copy of the Utility Checklist Form that is signed by VDOT should not be placed in the sealed package. A copy of the approved Utility Checklist Form must be provided to the county site inspector with the submittal of the post construction Street Acceptance Package CE-7 packages.

Post-Construction Street Acceptance Package

A complete package of all geotechnical and compaction data for work performed within the dedicated ROW along with an electronic version of any approved plan revisions and pavement designs, and an electronic version and hard copy of the new Street Acceptance Form must be submitted to the county Site Inspector as part of the post-construction street acceptance package. All tests results and certifications should be included for work performed within the ROW. Tests and certifications for items outside the ROW must not be included. Due to the amount of time it takes to evaluate the geotechnical reports, submittal packages that contain test or inspection results for work outside the ROW will be returned to the developer. The compaction data should be submitted in the order in which the streets were constructed. For example, the report should be prepared such that the fill and/or subbase soil and compaction data appear first, and then proceed all the way through the certification and compaction results on the final asphalt layer. All geotechnical packages submitted to the county must also include a signed and sealed copy of the attached Site Construction Testing and Sampling Final Report of Inspections form. [Attachment 6 (PDF)].

An electronic copy of all approved revised plan sheets that contain improvements within revised pavement design and any sheets in the approved hat have the depicted ROW and copies of the approved revised pavement design must be included in the post construction street acceptance package. The county will include a certification letter in the final street acceptance package that is forwarded to VDOT.

Final Street Acceptance Package

The maintenance check must be submitted to the county site inspector following the VDOT/county inspection and approval of the roadway and/or additional right-of-way. The county will forward the Final Street Acceptance Package to VDOT for approval.


VDOT and Fairfax County will be conducting training on the submission requirements and the new street acceptance process for developers and submitting engineers on February 28, 2005, and March 14, 2005, from 8:30 to 12 p.m. in rooms 106 and 107 of the Herrity Building located at 12055 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, Virginia 22035. To attend the training you must register in advance by contacting Lillian Jones at 730-324-1950, TTY-711. There is no charge to attend these training sessions.

List of Attachments, PDF format

  1. Street Acceptance Process for Site Plans (June 2005)
  2. Initial Street Acceptance package Memorandum
  3. Street Acceptance Process for Subdivision Plans (June 2005)
  4. VDOT Request for Inclusion of Certain Streets into State Secondary Road System
  5. Fairfax County Right of Way Memorandum Example
  6. Fairfax County Final Report of Roadway Construction Inspections

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