Land Development Notices and Technical Bulletins Archive

Please note, letters and notifications that are no longer valid or have been superseded since their publication have been removed from this list.

Number Subject Date
13-06 Review of Tree Conservation Ordinance Requirements 10/4/13
13-05 Certification Requirements for the Installation of Stormwater Management Facilities in Public Rights-of-Way Within the Tysons Corner Urban Center 8/6/13
13-04 Adoption of Amendments to the Public Facilities Manual and Chapters 101 and 112 of The Code of the County of Fairfax, Virginia 5/21/13
13-03 Concurrent Review of VDOT Entrance Permits and County Land Disturbance Permits 3/27/13
13-02 Process for Letters of Map Change in Special Flood Hazard Areas 3/22/13
12-03 Use of Existing Flood Hazard Data to Delineate Floodplain Boundaries on Plans 10/15/12
12-02 New Procedures for Site-Related Plan Inserts 9/17/12
11-10 Sewer and Water Line Diagrams 10/17/11
11-09 Engineers and Surveyors Institute Fairfax Pay As You Go Program 9/13/11
11-08 Revised Priority Rating Form for Erosion & Sediment Control 9/8/11
11-07 New County Soils Map 8/29/11
11-06 Conservation Plan for Land-Disturbing Activities 2,500 - 5,000 sq. ft. 8/15/11
11-05 Plan Coversheets 6/11/11
11-03 New Fee Schedule for Site Plans, Subdivision Plans, Grading Plans, Work on Public Property and the Building Code 5/1/11
11-02 Existing House Location Plats 4/1/11
10-03 BayFilter™ - Use under the Innovative Best Management Practices (BMP) Provisions of the Public Facilities Manual 4/23/10
10-02 Compliance with the Minimum Yard and Location Requirements of the Zoning Ordinance 2/03/10
09-14 Street Acceptance Packages 10/14/09
09-13 Adjoining Property Owners Notification for Soil (Geotechnical) Report Submissions 10/19/09
09-12 Detached Single Family Dwelling Grade Definition 9/15/09
09-11 Clarification of the Definition of Expansive Soil 7/7/09
09-10 Development within Mapped Dam Break Inundation Zones of State-Regulated Dams 6/22/09
09-09 Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Workforce Dwelling Unit (DWU) 8/4/09
09-07 Green Building Priority Plan Review 6/26/09
09-06 Administrative costs utilized to calculate the total bond amount for all projects 5/13/09
09-05 Compliance with Land Disturbance Regulations for Construction of Single Family Detached and Attached Dwellings, Additions to Existing Single Family Detached and Attached Dwellings, and Accessory Structures Related to Single Family Detached and Attached Dwellings 3/30/09
09-04 Filterra - Use under the Innovative Best Management Practices (BMP) Provisions of the Public Facilities Manual 3/19/09
09-03 Electronic Signature Requirements for Plans Submitted to Building Plan Review 3/10/09
08-23 Planting of Ash Trees Discouraged in Fairfax County in Response to the Emerald Ash Borer 12/17/08
08-22 New Tree Conservation Requirements 11/21/08
08-20 Procedures for highlighting revisions to development plans and plats for pending
zoning applications and requests for proffer interpretations
08-18 Change to Requirements for Trash and Recycling, High Density Polyethylene Pipe, Inspection of Storm Drain Pipe, and Shared Utility Easements 9/15/08
08-15 Fairfax County Under Quarantine for Emerald Ash Borer 7/31/08
08-14 Standardized Waiver Template for Site and Subdivision Plans 7/31/08
08-13 Developer Process Committee Meeting 8/01/08
08-12 Depiction of Resource Protection Area Boundaries on Plans of Development 7/03/08
08-10 Residential Compatibility Meeting Notice 6/11/08
08-09 Changes to the Commercial Walk-Thru Program 5/20/08
08-07 Fireworks 5/15/08
08-02 Cardboard Recycling For All Construction, Demolition and Renovation Projects 1/15/08
08-01 Pervious Concrete – Use under the Innovative Best Management Practices Provisions of the Public Facilities Manual 1/7/08
07-21 2007 Updated Project Completion Checklist for Developers 8/5/07
07-20 Fire Suppression Building Provision Changes 8/29/07
07-18 Trash and Recycling Code Changes 8/9/07
07-17 Low Impact Development Practices - Amendments to the Public Facilities Manual 7/19/07
07-16 New Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance Exception Request Forms Available 7/6/07
07-15 Traffic Impact Analysis New Submittal Requirements 7/6/07
07-14 Park Authority Property - New Easement Fee Schedule 7/2/07
07-13 Update to Park Proffer Calculation Formula 6/21/07
07-08 Exemption of Water Well Drilling from County Code Chapter 104 3/15/07
07-05 New Cover Sheet for Major Plans; New Requirements regarding Stormwater Management Facilities and Best Management Practice Facilities; and New Requirements regarding Refuse and Recycling Collection 2/2/07
07-03 Plant Lists Available for Bioretention Facilities and Vegetated Roofs 1/25/07
07-02 New Procedure for Reviewing for Shape Factor 1/11/07
07-01 New Plan Submission Requirements Related to Dams 1/11/07
06-19 Post Submission Conferences and Site Plan Inserts 10/26/06
06-15 Proffer Fulfillment Narratives/Analyses - Standardization of Plan Submission Format 7/24/06
06-13 Certification of Building Heights for Single Family Detached and Townhouse Units 7/1/06
06-12 Residential Concrete Foundation Wall Design Parameters 7/1/06
06-07 Water Quality Impact Assessments for Water Dependent Development in a Resource Protection Area 3/13/06
06-06 Zoning Application Revised Checklist/Sheet Index 3/13/06
06-04 Drainage Divides, Stormwater Outfall and Notification Amendments 2/15/06
06-03 Army Corps of Engineers Review of Plan Submissions - Revised 4/13/06
06-02 Street Acceptance Procedures and Bond Extension Policy 1/18/06
05-20 Updates to Bonding Policies - Revised 12/20/05
05-19 Information Required on Infill Lot Grading Plans to Assist in the Assessment of Adequate Drainage 12/12/05
05-16 Plans Awaiting Processing in the Bonds and Agreements Branch Procedure - Revised 11/14/05
05-15 Additional Information Required on Construction Plans to Assist in the Assessment of Adequate Drainage and Erosion & Sediment Controls 10/3/05
05-07 Site Plan Expiration 3/9/05
05-05 Enhance Your Curb Appeal (Construction Debris Disposal & Recycling) 2/23/05
05-04 Street Acceptance Procedures 2/15/05
05-03 Stormwater Management Acceptance & Review Information (Rezoning, Special Permit, Special Exception, & Development Plan Applications 2/2/05
05-02 Ventilation Air Policy, Intermittent and Variable Occupancies, Occupant Load Calculations 1/12/05
04-19 Resource Protection Area Exceptions & Waivers to Permit Underground Detention in Residential Areas Considered in Conjunction with Rezonings & Special Exceptions 10/29/04
04-13 Electrical Energy Compliance Requirements for Commercial Construction 7/28/04
04-09 Cluster Subdivision Amendments 6/23/04
04-06 Stormwater Management Facility Submission Requirements 5/20/04
04-03 Pressure-Treated Lumber 2/3/04
03-22 Home Improvement Contractors' (HIC) License Requirements Changes for Fairfax County 12/8/03
03-16 Chemical Erosion and Sediment Controls Use in Fairfax County 7/11/03
03-11 Compliance with the State's Minimum Standards for Controlling Erosion and Sedimentation 5/2/03
03-10 Outfall Analysis and Pre-development Conditions Narratives 4/25/03
03-09 Lumber Species Not Native to North America 4/23/03
03-05 Policy and Procedures for Implementation of Infill and Residential Development Study Recommendation SW-10 3/31/03
03-03 Ventilation Air Policy, Intermittent and Variable Occupancies, Occupant Load Calculations 2/28/03
03-01 New Requirement Relating to Erosion and Sediment Control Plans 1/24/03
02-20 Documenting Proffers/Development Conditions on Architectural Plans 12/20/02
02-18 Stormwater Runoff From Building Rooftops 10/23/02
02-16 9/6/02
02-15 9/6/02
02-13 Contractor Verification Cards 7/23/02
02-11 Amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance Effective July 2, 2002 7/19/02
02-10 7/16/02
02-08 7/8/02
02-06 5/14/02
02-05 5/9/02
02-04 4/10/02
01-11 Revised Procedures for Requests to Use Innovative Best Management Practices 10/02/01
01-09 Clarification of Geotechnical Report and Related Site Plan Requirements 10/1/01
01-05 Optimizing the Processing of Development Agreements 7/13/01
01-04 Amendments to Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Law Effective July 1, 2001 6/6/01
01-02 Revised Procedures for Trail Maintenance Agreement Letters to the Virginia Department of Transportation 3/5/01
00-07 Required Number of Copies of Site and Subdivision Plans, Floodplain Studies, Drainage Studies, and Resource Protection Area Designation Plans 11/14/00
00-04 Private Utility Companies Involvement in Pre-construction Meetings held by the Environmental and Facilities Inspections Division 7/11/00
00-01 Revised Procedures for Entrance Permits Associated with Site Plans and Subdivision Plans 6/16/00

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