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The Comprehensive Plan for Fairfax County

Amendments to the 2013 Edition of The Area Plans

Amendments to the 2013 Comprehensive PlansThe following Plan Amendments have been recently adopted by the Board of Supervisors. A link to the adopted Plan text is included, if available. Please note: The adopted text may not yet be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan.   Recently adopted Plan text is available in portable document format (PDF). In order to view these documents, you will need to have the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer. 

2013-01 - Dulles Station, Parcel 5A (S11-III-DS1):  This Plan amendment concerned an approximately 4.26 acre property located northwest of the Sayward Boulevard and Carta Way intersection in the Dranesville Supervisor District.  The Plan recommendations are located in Land Unit A of the Dulles Suburban Center, Area III volume of the Comprehensive Plan.  The property is located in an area planned for a mix of uses at .50 to 1.0 FAR with optional intensities of 1.5 FAR within a 1/4 mile and 1.25 FAR within 1/2 mile of the Innovation Center Metrorail station.  The amendment added an option for residential use and support retail up to 2.4 FAR with conditions regarding enhancement of the grid of streets, provision of workforce housing units, provision of stormwater management and water quality controls and creation of a high-quality walkable environment.  Adopted 7/30/2013.

2013-02 - McLean CBC Editorial Updates (S13-II-M3):  The McLean CBC, located in the Dranesville Supervisor District,  extends north, south, east and west of the intersection of Old Dominion Drive and Chain Bridge Road.  The northern boundary is Dolley Madison Boulevard (Route 123).  The Plan amendment encompassed editorial changes to and clarification of Comprehensive Plan language of the McLean CBC.  Adopted 11/19/2013.

2013-03  - Route 28 Station Area-South (ST09-III-DS1); Rocks Property (S07-III-UP2); Elden Street (S09-III-UP2):  These Plan amendments addressed Land Unit A of the Dulles Suburban Center which consists of approximately 650 acres southwest of the Dulles Toll Road and Centreville Road; and the approximately 16 acre commercial area northwest of the Dulles Toll Road and Centreville Road. The amendment modified the Comprehensive Plan for the planned Innovation Center Metrorail area, in order to achieve better transit-oriented development consistent with County policies. Adopted 12/3/2013.

2013-04 - North Gateway Community Business Center (CBC), Subunits A1 and A2 (APR 09-IV-1MV and 09-IV-15MV):  Area Plans Review items 09-IV-1MV and 09-IV-15MV replan an option for mixed-use development up to 1.65 FAR on approximately 17.8 acres, generally located northwest of Richmond Highway and northeast of Huntington Avenue. Conditions related to consolidation, urban design, transportation, and the environment are recommended. Further recommendations state that higher intensities may be evaluated when transportation mitigation strategies are identified. The option for residential use at 30 dwelling units per acre has been deleted. Adopted 1/28/2014. 

2013-05 - Reston Master Plan Special Study, Phase I - Reston Transit Station Areas (ST09-III-UP1(B)):  This Plan amendment, the first part of a two phase study, addresses the Reston Transit Station Areas which consist of approximately 1,700 acres bisecting the community of Reston along the Dulles Airport Access Road and Dulles Toll Road. The amendment reorganized the Reston-Herndon Suburban Center into three contiguous Transit Station Areas which are located to the north and south of the Wiehle-Reston East and Reston Town Center Metrorail stations and to the south of the Herndon Metrorail station to achieve better transit-oriented development consistent with County policies. The second phase of the study will consider areas of Reston further from the Reston Transit Station Areas, which includes residential areas, Village Centers and other commercial areas. Adopted 2/11/2014.

2013-06 & 2013 P-01 - Procedural References (2013-CW-2CP):  This Plan amendment updated the descriptions of the county's planning processes in the Policy Plan and references to processes within the Area Plan volumes. The amendment also revised guidance regarding the Area Plans Review (APR) process to reflect the adoption of Fairfax Forward and to amend references to other outdated procedures.  Adopted 3/4/2014.

2013-07 - 6862 Elm Street  (S13-II-M1):  This Plan amendment revised the Comprehensive Plan for Tax Map parcels 30-2((1))61 and 30-2((10))(6)1 and portions of the Concept for Future Development of the McLean Community Business Center. The approximately 4.7 acre property is generally located at the northeast corner of Elm Street and Fleetwood Road. The Plan recommendations for the subject property are contained in Subarea 29 of the McLean Community Business Center, in the McLean Planning District, Area II volume of the Comprehensive Plan. The amendment replans the subject area as a Redevelopment Area and for mixed-use development to include office use , multifamily residential use and ground floor retail uses with up to 400,000 square feet of development and an overall intensity up to 1.94 FAR, with conditions relating to consolidation, design, transportation and the environment.  Adopted 3/25/2014. 

2013-08 & 2013 P-02 - 2013 Heritage Resources Plan Update (2013-CW-6CP):  On December 7, 2009, the Board of Supervisors endorsed the creation of an annual process to amend the Comprehensive Plan to update information on heritage resources throughout the County. Plan Amendment 2013-08 updated the Inventory of Historic Sites tables and maps; and revised language in the Area Plans related to heritage resources to reflect changes which have taken place, such as where research has uncovered more accurate information on a site. Two additional historic sites were added to the Inventory tables.  Adopted 4/29/2014.

2013-09 - Vulcan Quarry (S13-IV-LP1):  This Plan amendment revised the Comprehensive Plan for Tax Map parcels 106-3((1)) 4B and 9, 106-4((1))20B(pt.), 56A (pt.), 112-2((1))8,9,11,12 and 14 and a portion of right-of-way located south of Peniwill Drive proposed to be vacated/abandoned. The approximately 527 acre property is generally located South of Peniwill Drive, West of Ox Road (Route 123) and North of the Occoquan River. The Plan recommendations for the subject property are contained in the LP1 Laurel Hill Community Planning Sector in the Lower Potomac Planning District and the P5 Dominion Community Planning Sector in the Pohick Planning District, volumes III and IV of the Comprehensive Plan. The amendment replans the subject property for public facilities use to facilitate the reconfiguration and conversion in phases of the Vulcan Quarry to a future water supply storage facility with conditions relating to mitigation of noise and vibration impacts, truck traffic, buffering and screening, and mitigation of adverse environmental impacts to streams, EQCs and RPAs. Adopted 6/3/2014. 

2013-10 - Charles Street (2013-I-B1):   This Plan amendment concerns approximately 2.72 acres south of Leesburg Pike, east of Charles Street and west of Washington Drive in the Mason District. The Plan recommendations are located in Sub-Unit D-2 of the Baileys Crossroads Community Business Center, Area I volume of the Comprehensive Plan. The amendment modified option under redevelopment option for office, retail or mixture of these uses up to .25 FAR with conditions that detailed the realignment of Charles Street with Glen Forest Drive at Leesburg Pike, access to the property, prohibition of drive-thru fast food restaurants, and emphasis on screening and buffering from existing residential properties. Adopted 9/23/2014.

2013-11 & 2013 P-04 - Bicycle Master Plan (2013-CW-T2): Plan Amendment 2103-CW-T2 recommended bicycle facilities and policies which aim to guide the development of bicycle infrastructure throughout Fairfax County. The plan amendment included three modifications to the Transportation Policy Plan section of the Comprehensive Plan: 1. An amendment to the Countywide Trails Plan, which removed the "Onroad Bike Routes" designation, 2. The creation of a Countywide Bicycle Master Plan, 3. The Bicycle Master Plan document.  Adopted 10/28/2014.  

2013-12 - 5285 Port Royal Road (2014-I-A1):  This Plan amendment revised the Comprehensive Plan for a 4.6 acre parcel located at 5285 Port Royal Road [Tax Map Parcels 70-4((10))503 and 503A]. The site is located within the Ravensworth Industrial Area.  The Plan amendment provides for the option of converting an existing warehouse to a self-storage facility use which could result in an overall intensity up to 1.0 FAR and allows for the rental of trucks.  Adopted 11/18/2014. 

2013-13 - Fairfax Center Study, Phase I, Transition Areas (2013-III-FC1(A)) and Land Units T, U and V (S13-III-FC1):  The Fairfax Center Area Study is a multi-phase planning study to examine current recommendations and existing conditions within the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan. Phase I of the study, Plan Amendment (PA) 2013-III-FC1 (A), included the Suburban Neighborhoods and Low Density Residential Areas within the Fairfax Center Area, comprising approximately 2,700 acres. Plan Amendment (PA) S13-III-FC1 concerned a subset of this area (Land Units T, U, and V of the Fairfax Center Area), located on the south side of Lee Highway, generally between the Fairfax County Parkway and the City of Fairfax. The Plan amendments added options for residential use and assisted living to land use recommendations for certain parcels along the Lee Highway. Editorial amendments to reflect implementation were also adopted, including updates of public facilities and park recommendations, tax map parcel numbers, plan options that can no longer be implemented, and sub-unit boundary adjustments. The second phase of the study will consider the Suburban Center and updates to areawide Plan guidance.  Adopted 12/2/2014.

2013-14 - Lake Anne Village Center/Reston Crescent (2013-III-UP1):  Plan amendment 2013-III-UP1 concerned the Lake Anne Village Center, an approximately 41-acre area located south of Baron Cameron Avenue, west of Wiehle Avenue, north of Lake Anne and east of North Shore Drive in Reston. The Plan amendment changed recommendations regarding the Millennium Bank building, heritage resources, the Full Consolidation Option and transportation.  Adopted 12/2/2014.

2013-15 - Baileys Crossroads CBC, SE Quadrant (2014-I-B2):   Plan Amendment 2014-I-B2 concerned approximately 7.4 acres of land within the Bailey's Crossroads Community Business Center generally located along the east side of Moncure Avenue and Columbia Pike from Moncure Avenue to a point about 500 feet west of the interchange with Leesburg Pike [ Tax Map 61-2 ((1)) 112A [formerly 61-2((1))112 and ((45))B], 113, 113A, 113C, 114; 61-2 ((19)) 5A, 11A; and 61-4 ((30)) 15 and 17) ]. The amendment provided an additional redevelopment option that includes residential uses and a public elementary school or other public use at an overall intensity of up to 1.50 FAR. Adopted 1/13/15. 

2013-16 - 5600 Columbia Pike/Baileys Gateway (2014-I-B1):  This Plan amendment concerned an approximately 3.8 acre property located to the north of Columbia Pike and west of Carlin Springs Road at the eastern gateway to the Baileys Crossroads Community Business Center. The base plan for the property is office use. The amendment added an alternative redevelopment option for multi-family residential use at up to 400,000 square feet (up to 450 dwelling units) with an option for support retail and services with conditions that encourage an urban style of development to include a gateway feature and improve pedestrian and vehicular access. Adopted 3/3/2015.

2013-17 - Silas Burke Property (2014-III-P1):  This Plan amendment concerned the Silas Burke property located at 9617 Burke Lake Road, Tax Map Reference 78-3((1))4, in the Pohick Planning District, Main Branch Community Planning Sector (P2), in the Springfield Magisterial District. The Plan amendment retains the base Plan recommendation and adds an option for residential use at 2-3 du/ac with the protection of heritage resources.  Adopted 3/24/2015.

2013-18 - West Falls Church Transit Station Area Editoral Updates (2013-II-M1):  This Plan amendment addressed the West Falls Church Transit Station Area (TSA) located south of Interstate 66, northeast of Leesburg Pike and west of Great Falls Street in the Dranesville Supervisor District and 2.4 acres east of Shreve Road and north of Gordons Road in the Providence Supervisor District. This amendment revised the Fairfax County Boundary to reflect the 2014 voluntary boundary adjustment between Fairfax County and the City of Falls Church and editorial updates to the West Falls Church TSA.  Adopted 3/24/2015.  

2013-19 - Dulles Suburban Center, Land Unit I, Marlo Site (2014-III-DS2):  Plan Amendment 2014-III-DS2 revised the Comprehensive Plan for Tax Map Parcel 34-3((13))3 in the Sully Supervisor District. The site is located in Land Unit I of the Dulles Suburban Center. This Plan amendment removes the restriction limiting retail development on the subject property to a furniture store and allows for additional opportunities for retail use while retaining the existing Plan conditions for development on the site.   Adopted 3/24/2015

2013-20 - Dulles Suburban Center, Land Unit J, Akridge (2014-III-DS1):  This Plan amendment addressed an approximately 50 acre property located north of the intersection of Stonecroft and Westfields Boulevards, west of Route 28 in the Sully Supervisor District [Tax Map Parcel 44-3((1))15.] The amendment added an option for predominantly residential development with office and retail uses up to .50 FAR with conditions to create a high quality living environment. Land Unit J is an area planned for office, conference center/hotel, industrial/flex and industrial uses at average .50 FAR with mixed use options with conditions up to 1.0 FAR or near transit up to 1.5 FAR or with more residential up to 2.25. The Plan recommendations are located in Land Unit J of the Dulles Suburban Center, Area III volume of the Comprehensive Plan.  Adopted 6/2/2015.

2013-21 - 4201 and 4203 Buckman Road (2014-IV-MV1): This Plan amendment revised the Comprehensive Plan for an approximately 0.46 acre parcel located at 4203 Buckman Road [Tax Map Parcel 101-3((1))15B]. The Plan recommendation is contained in the MV8 - Woodlawn Community Planning Sector, Mount Vernon Planning District, Area IV volume of the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan amendment added an option for residential use at a density of 8-12 dwelling units per acre (du/ac).  Adopted 6/2/2015.

2013-22 - Reston Master Plan Special Study, Phase II:  Residential Areas and Village Centers (ST09-III-UP1):  Adopted 6/2/2015.  Adopted text coming soon!

2013-23 - Dulles Suburban Center, Land Unit D-3, Timber Ridge (2015-III-DS2):  This Plan amendment revised the Comprehensive Plan recommendation for Tax Map Parcel 24-4 ((1)) 6B4, located south of EDS Drive, West of Air And Space Museum Parkway, and north of Wall Road in the Sully Supervisor District. The amendment added an option to the Plan for residential use on the property (up to 150 townhomes) with conditions including dedication of land for a County facility. Adopted 7/28/2015.  

2013-24 - Forestville Elementary School Sewer (2015-III-UP1):  This Plan amendment revises the Comprehensive Plan to permit a limited expansion of the Approved Sewer Service Area to provide sanitary sewer for Forestville Elementary School [Tax Map Parcel 12-1((1))45A] and Great Falls Nike Park [Tax Map Parcels 12-1((1))45 and 35]. This limited sanitary sewer expansion is to remedy a failing septic system at the school and to allow for future public restroom facilities at the park. The proposed sewer line would serve only these two public uses. The County's administrative policy, which permits the extension of sanitary sewer lines under certain circumstances up to 400 feet outside the Approved Sewer Service Area boundary, does not apply. Adopted 7/28/2015.

Amendments to the 2013 Edition of The Policy Plan

2013 P-01 - See 2013-06 above

2013 P-02 - See 2013-08 above

2013 P-03 - Green Buildings  (2013-CW-3CP): Plan amendment 2013 P-03 revised the Green Building policy in the Environment section of the Policy Plan of the Comprehensive Plan. Several modifications to the policy were made, including: an update to reflect advances in available green building rating systems; a definition of "equivalent" as applied to green building rating systems; green building performance tied to high levels of intensity and density; energy and water performance monitoring; public-private partnerships; application of the policy in Industrial Areas; support for electric vehicle charging infrastructure; and other clarifications to the policy guidance.  Adopted 7/1/2014.

2013-11 & 2013 P-04 - See 2013-11 above

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