Leonard and Susie Mantiply

QUESTION: Have you noticed any changes in the area since you've been living here?

MR. MANTIPLY: Well, the A and P has been built, the Fairhaven Arco has been built. The Pizza Villa has been built. The houses, a lot of them are getting old and a lot of the older people have moved out. A colored family has moved in next door. The 7-11 down on Fairhaven Avenue has been built, and that's been a problem ever since it's been open. The palm readers down on Fairhaven - they moved in. A lot of the houses need some repair. Younger people moved in, and things are so high nowadays you know, that a lot of them don't have any money to do it.

This was the first model home in this community (Fairhaven) and it's been here from around the early 40's. When I first moved here it was $12,000, and when they were first built I understand there were maybe $4,000 or $5,000. Now they're selling in the range from 35 to 40 thousand, some of them are getting 47 thousand.

I have to pay taxes in this area, and have been for twenty years, and I haven't got a sidewalk so far, I haven't got a drainage system like I should have. But definitely I think that we should get some of these things without tying ourselves up with the county or the government or anything else because we pay taxes the same as everybody else.

I drove a bus for A, B and W right down Number 1 highway. In the last 25-30 years this whole thing was built up with all these restaurants and gas stations and shopping centers. It was only one lane on each side up until they started building this part of it.  It wasn't a week that went by there wasn't about four, five and six (wrecks) and sometimes two and three a night. We've had a couple people killed on motorcycles right out in front of the house. A colored fellow that lived on Quander Road got killed right out in front here.

MRS. MANTIPLY: I'm a director at the Community Center at Fairhaven here. I don't attend every meeting because some nights I have to work. We have one a month. We have get togethers. The teen center, they had that for a while, and then I think the teenagers, some of them got a little out of place or something. They were misbehaving. I think there's much of that going on now in the world. They have bingo on Monday nights. We also have church services.

MR. MANTIPLY: They also have dances every once and a while like New Year's Eve. They have holiday parties for the kids. It really does a good job. I mean, it's active and people can participate in it. But we only get twenty to thirty people out of 200. It takes a lot out of just a few.

MRS. MANTIPLY: It used to be back in years past, we learned to know everybody and Christmas time we would have parties. We'd go to each other's houses. All night long we'd be up sometimes you know, just oodles of people would gather. Course you just don't get to know people now. Well, you know 'em when you see 'em, but you just don't get together like we used to.

MR. MANTIPLY: Every Saturday night it was something. And, you know, it just changed. I think it's a part of the country, all around here. I bought a CB now. I talk to a lot of people that I don't even know, You know I haven't even seen 'em before, but I do talk to 'em and we enjoy talkin'. Maybe I'll get to know 'em.

MRS. MANTIPLY: At one time these houses were gonna be sold commercial. Everybody was kind of upset, but that's been years ago, and it's just all died down.

MR. MANTIPLY: At one time they wanted to buy this house commercial. They wanted to put a beauty parlor here.

I have a problem right here because in front of my house there's a storm sewer, but that storm sewer does not belong to Fairfax.

MRS. MANTIPLY: It belongs to the state.

MR. MANTIPLY: Back a few years ago I had to get the Health Department to come down, and get in to open the drain because it was stopped and there was stagnated water around my house as much as 12 inches.

MRS. MANTIPY: We found out it was the state's when it stopped up, with all that stagnated water - flies, and bugs, and there was trash and all in it. You could imagine what it would look like. We called the county. They said that they didn't have nothin' to do with it, and to call the state. We called the state. They said they had nothin' to do with it, it belongs to the county. We couldn't get between either one of the two, so we just called the Health Bureau. I mean it wasn't two hours before they came out and unstopped it.

MR. MANTIPLY: It's fine now ever since then.

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