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Important Information for Individuals With Disabilities (F.A.Q.)

The Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) is committed to providing accommodations to all programs, services, and activities in accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To help ensure a successful experience, the FCPA suggests customers with disabilities read the following information PRIOR to registration and participaiton.

1)  What are the requirements for participating in FCPA programs, classes and activities?

General Eligibility:

  • Fairfax County resident
  • Out-of-County residents are eligible for all programs at an additional cost with the exception of the Summer Rec-PAC program.
  • Customers are expected to abide by the appropriate Code of Conduct while enrolled in FCPA programs. For more information on the expected standard of behavior, please see the criteria listed at the end of this document.

2)  What type of support can I receive through the Park Authority under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

By requesting accommodations during the registration process or initiating contact with the ADA Specialist, at 703-324-8563, customers are eligible to request the following:

  • Qualified sign language interpreters. All requests are confirmed prior to the start of the program along with the name of the assigned interpreter. Contact the ADA Specialist to determine which programs or activities offer interpreting services.
  • Alternative formats/auxiliary aids such as assistive listening devices, television captioning and decoders, TTY's, close captioned viewing, large print documents, audio cassettes, and Brailled materials.
  • An accommodation plan outlining how the Park Authority can meet accommodation requests of the customer (camps and classes).
  • Training for the instructors or program staff regarding facilitation styles, communication methods, behavior redirection, or modification/adaptation of activities.
  • Sensitivity training for other class or program consumers.
  • Physical accessibility for all programs, services, and activities. Contact the ADA specialis regarding specific facility accessibility.

3)  How do I request ADA auxiliary aids and services or whom do I contact?

Notify the ADA Specialist at 703-324-8563, TTY at 703-803-3354. The ADA Specialist is responsible for the following:

  • Serving as the liaison between parents/guardians, the customer and staff/instructors/volunteers.
  • Implementing a variety of strategies to problem solve issues and/or provide auxiliary aids or program modifications. Strategies may include on site visits, revised behavior management strategies, and requests for assistance from other professionals.
  • Recommending alternative programs if applicable.

4)  How many days are required in advance for requesting auxiliary aids or program modifications?

  • 10 working (business) days with the exception of overnight Tours (45 days)
  • If the request is less than the 10 days (or 45 days for overnight tours) prior to the start date, the FCPA will attempt to provide the services; however, we cannot guarantee your request for services will be fulfilled.

5)  What is involved in an accommodation plan?

Upon receiving the request for accommodations, (typically classes and camps), the ADA Specialist will develop a plan that is based on some or all of the following information:

  • Identify primary needs/issues and strategies for problem solving.
  • Seek feedback from the following sources:
    • Teacher/group home counselor (with verbal consent only)
    • Parent or consumer
    • Other identified sources per request

  • Upon completion, the plan must be agreed to by the parent/consumer prior to the start date.
  • The plan is reviewed with site staff prior to the start of the program and monitored throughout the class or program. Changes in the plan must be agreed to by all parties involved with the plan.

6)  What are the parameters for receiving physical support in Park Authority camps and classes?

  • Based on the Accommodation Plan, the ADA Specialist will determine if physical support, in the form of a Leisure Coach, is needed for classes and camps only. One to one support is not provided.
  • Based on the Accommodation Plan and availability of staff, the ADA Specialist may be able to provide partial physical support for classes and camps. Individuals with disabilities pursuing this option should be able to achieve independent participation before the camp ends. In other words, individuals must eventually be able to meet expectations as outlined in the Code of Conduct (see question #9) with regular staff ratios. The maximum time you can expect to receive physical support is:
    • six (6) days for a two week camp, per session
    • three (3) days for a one week camp, per sesion
    • six (6) of eight (8) week classes

  • PLEASE NOTE: Alternative arrangements can be provided by the parent, group home or guardian for a friend of the family, sibling, parent or guardian to provide one to one support in the event the ADA Specialist determines one to one support is not needed or is no longer needed for participation purposes. The ADA Specialist must be notified of this arrangement 10 days in advance in order to ensure adequate space is available and volunteer paperwork is completed for liability purposes. Volunteers must be at least 13 years of age for land based programs, and at least 16 years of age for water based programs. In addition, the ADA Specialist is available to provide training upon request.
  • Group home counselors may provide one to one support, however, the FCPA must be notified of this arrangement in order to ensure adequate space is available and volunteer paperwork is completed for liability purposes.

7)  If the customer is mainstreamed in an inclusion setting at school or a supported work environment, can it be assumed that the customer is appropriate for inclusion in a recreation setting?

  • The FCPA recognizes each customer is different and has individual needs. However, it is critical that consumers recognize school and work environments are typically much more structured and often provide daily one to one support or maintain smaller class ratios. Therefore, it is critically important that the customer be able to demonstrate the ability to meet the basic expectations/code of conduct (see question #10) of the FCPA class or program in order to increase the chances for a successful experience. Again, physical support is limited so there must be a reasonable chance to achieve independent participation.
  • The FCPA recommends the following when considering inclusion:
    • Seek feedback from the teacher, group home/case manager
    • Seek feedback from the ADA Specialist regarding the environment and dynamics of the class or program
    • Physically attend the program prior to registration (when possible) to review the environment and structure, or talk to the staff/instructor
    • Never assume anything...ask or check first

8)  What alternatives are available if reasonable accommodations do not meet my needs?

  • Contact Community and Recreation Services (CRS), Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS) for information/alternatives regarding child and adult programs and services at 703-324-5532.

9)  What are the expectations for participation or Code of Conduct in Park Authority programs?

  • All participants must meet the program, camp or class code of conduct: Generally speaking, and unless otherwise stated, consumers must be able to demonstrate the following with minimal redirection:
    • Must be able to maintain personal care without support of FCPS staff or volunteers
    • Stay with his/her assigned group
    • Respect others (listening and following directions, using appropriate language, keeping hands and feet to self)
    • Maintain self control (anger management)
    • Meet the prerequisite skills for the class or program (if required for participation)

  • The ADA Specialist reserves the right, on behalf of the agency, to terminate participation in the program if the customer cannot follow the rules of conduct. Every effort will be made to provide appropriate accommodations.

Contact Information:
Gary Logue, CTRS
ADA Coordinator
E-mail: gary.logue@fairfaxcounty.gov

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