Title: Class Instructor Assistant
Goal: To assist instructors of land classes (those not conducted in RECenter swimming pools) in achieving the goals of the class or program to ensure that students are provided a safe, comfortable and effective learning experience.
Duties: Carries out the directions of the instructor which may include demonstrating the skill being taught to the entire class while the instructor provides feedback to individuals or small groups, or working with one or more students in developing the skill that the instructor is teaching. Helps set up and take down equipment before and after class and helps maintain necessary records. Reports all injuries, accidents, and other problems or concerns to supervisor and completes required forms in a timely manner. .Light to moderate lifting.
Qualifications: Must be 18 years of age or older. Demonstrated interest and proficiency in the specific class or program subject through relevant education such as certifications and degrees. Examples include belts in martial arts, titles in dog training, and the like.
Training: Must complete FCPA Safety Training, Sexual Harassment and STARS customer service training within two weeks of start date. Must attend site orientation and on-the job training as required.
Certifications/Tests: Must maintain current certification as required by the specific class. These certifications for assistants may be obtained from the program staff responsible for the class.
Time Required: One class per session.