Title:Spray Park Monitor
Goal:To meet the sites goal of excellence in customer service and provide a clean and sanitary environment always keeping safety in mind.
Duties:Greets the public and orients them to the facility, informs visitors about site rules. Keeps count of all persons using the facility, checks that children enter and exit with adults or have permission of adults. Know all custodial jobs assigned and comply with the schedule of completing them in order to assure a clean and sanitary environment for both staff and customers. Perform regular custodial and maintenance duties relating to the spray pad, deck, changing rooms. Reporting and documenting all accidents/incidents in a clear, concise manner, and communicates issues to the main building immediately. Completes other duties and tasks assigned by supervisors or Duty Manager, as well as, assists park staff with other site operations and events.
Qualifications:Must be 16 years of age or older. Ability to communicate and interact with people of all ages Comfortable working in a public setting and enforcing rules. Light to heavy lifting
Training:Must complete FCPA Safety Training, Sexual Harassment Training, and STARS customer service training within two weeks of start date. Must attend site orientation and on-the job training as required. All staff shall receive supplementary training in ADA issues and interacting with special needs customers.
Certifications/Tests: None
Time Required:Average of four hours per week. Prefer one-year commitment.