Senior Animal Caretaker

Goal: To enrich the site's interpretation by providing for the health and well-being of the animals housed at the center.

Duties: Provide care for specifically designated animals and update the paid staff animal care supervisor (PSACS) weekly. Purchase animal care supplies with site funds. Perform periodic health checks on all animals on display including: reptiles, amphibians, fish, spiders, and insects. Conduct periodic assessments of animal housing. Perform any needed routine health or medical treatments.

Provide written recommendations to the PSACS if changes appear to be needed in care practices or housing set ups. Maintain care records including health check and feeding records. Change tank/exhibit set ups as directed by PSACS. Assists PSACS in developing and executing procedures that will provide direction to the teen animal care volunteers. Maintain an open, positive and sensitive attitude to the volunteers and public in regards to the performance of animal care duties.

Qualifications:   Experience with the care of native reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects is helpful but not required. Willingness to handle live animals from these groups and to speak to the public on occasion. Willingness to work with the teen and adult animal care volunteers and the PSACS. Interest in the stewardship of the county's natural and cultural resources.

Training:   Volunteer must attend the division orientation and required training. Enrichment training sessions are offered throughout the year.

Commitment:  Upon completion of the required training sessions, the volunteer will be asked to work at least two hours per week. (Prefer 5 hours). Work can be done weekdays or weekends.