June 16-22, 2013


This crime summary is organized by Police Service Area (PSA). The Franconia Police District has five PSAs. They are 600, 610, 620, 630, and 640. To see which PSA you are in go to the map on our web page using the following link:




LARCENY FROM MOTOR VEHICLE 72200 B/O LITTLE RIVER TPKE 6/16/2013 An engine hood was stolen.




DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY 7300 B/O LEESVILLE BLVD            6/17/2013 A vehicle was damaged


LARCENY FROM MOTOR VEHICLE 5400 B/O EASTON DR 6/17/2013 Two tires removed from a vehicle.


LARCENY– SHOPLIFTING           6900 B/O BRADLICK SHOPPING CTR   6/18/2013 Detergent was stolen from a retailer.


LARCCENY/DESTRUCTION  OF PROPERTY 6200 B/O EDSALL RD           6/18/2013 A value transfer machine was damaged. Nothing taken.


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY 5600 B/O BLOOMFIELD DR 6/19/2013 A vehicle was keyed.


LARCENY THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE LANDMARK MEWS DR 6/19/2013 A vehicle window was smashed and a laptop computer was stolen.


LARCENY FROM MOTOR VEHICLE 6200 B/O  MASEFIELD CT 6/19/2013 A handbag and computer were stolen from a vehicle.


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY 5000 B/O  MONTGOMERY ST  6/20/2013 A house and vehicle were egged.


ROBBERY 5500 B/O CHEROKEE AVE 6/21/2013 The victim was robbed at gunpoint.


MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT  5600 B/O BLOOMFIELD DR 6/21/2013 A vehicle was stolen.


LARCENY/ DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY 7400 B/O CHATHAM ST 6/22/2013 A vehicle window was broken. Tires were stolen as well as a cell phone. 












LARCENY/DESTRUCTION  OF PROPERTY 6500 B/O BYRON AVE 6/16/2013 A building was broken into and two microphones were stolen.


DESTRUCTION  OF PROPERTY 7200 B/O BELINGER CT 6/16/2013 A vehicle window was smashed.


BURGLARY 6500 B/O BACKLICK RD 6/16/2013 Individuals were found in a restaurant after hours. Nothing taken.


LARCENY FROM BUILDING 6900 B/O VILLA DEL REY CT            6/18/2013 Money was taken from a residence.


COUNTERFEITING/FORGERY BACKLICK RD / VILLA PARK RD 6/18/2013 An individual gave false information after being stopped for a traffic offense.


DRUG VIOLATIONS  CALAMO ST / RIDGEWAY DR 6/21/2013 An individual was arrested for possession of drugs following the investigation of a suspicious vehicle..


LARCENY 6800 B/O COMMERCE ST 6/21/2013 Three wallets were taken from a purse at a restaurant.


DRUG VIOLATIONS  7100 B/O BONNIEMILL LN 6/22/2013 An individual was found to be in possession of marijuana after a traffic stop.


MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT  6300 B/O BACKLICK RD   6/22/2013 A vehicle was stolen from a business.








ASSAULT, 6500 B/O CHINA GROVE CT. 6/16/2013. An individual was assaulted.


DRUG VIOLATION, 6100 B/O FRANCONIA RD. 6/16/2013. Two individuals were found to be in possession of Marijuana and drug  paraphernalia.


LARCENY/THEFT OFFENSE, 6300 B/O RACETEC PL. 6/17/2013. A wallet was stolen from a purse.


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 5600 B/O  OVERLY DR. 6/18/2013. A vehicle was keyed.


LARCENY/THEFT, 3400 B/O CAMPBELL DR. 6/18/20. An IPAD was stolen.




LARCENY– SHOPLIFTING, 6600 B/O SPRINGFIELD MALL. 6/19/2013 Items stolen from a local store.


DRUG VIOLATION, BEULAH ST / FRANCONIA RD. 6/19/2013. An individual was found to be in possession of Marijuana


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 5700 B/O LARPIN LN. 06/20/13. A vehicle was egged.


ROBBERY, 5700 B/O SOUTH VAN DORN ST. 6/20/2013. A woman was robbed and sexually assaulted in a hotel.  


ASSAULT, 3200 B/O BURGUNDY RD. 6/22/2013. An individual was assaulted.          


LARCENY, 6400 B/O SPRINGFIELD MALL. 6/22/2013. Attempted shoplifting.







WEAPON LAW VIOLATION, 7700 B/O HAYNES POINT WAY. 6/16/2013. Accidental discharge of a weapon.           


LARCENY, 7500 B/O SHIRLEY HUNTER WAY. 6/16/2013. A flower pot was stolen


BURGLARY/BREAKING AND ENTERING, 7600 B/O TELEGRAPH RD. 6/16/2013. Individuals were arrested for burglary in a school.         


LARCENY/THEFT OFFENSE, 5800 B/O KINGSTOWNE BLVD. 6/17/2013. Cash was stolen  from a wallet.


LARCENY, 7700 B/O WILEY CREEK WAY. 6/18/2013. A flower pot was stolen.


MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT  8500 B/O KERNON CT. 6/18/2013. Attempted motor vehicle theft.


ASSAULT - SIMPLE            6100 B/O LES DORSON LN            6/18/2013. An individual was assaulted.       


DRUG VIOLATION, 6200 B/O ROSE HILL CT. 6/19/2013. An individual was found to be in possession of Marijuana.      


 VANDALISM OF PROPERTY, 6100 B/O GUILFORD DR. 6/19/2013. A vehicle was egged.             


DRUG VIOLATION, 6200 B/O ROSE HILL CT. 6/19/2013. An individual was found to be in possession of Marijuana.      


DRUG VIOLATION, KINGSTOWNE VILLAGE PKWY / SOUTH VAN DORN ST. 6/19/2013. Individuals were found to be in possession of Marijuana.           


FRAUD,. 5800 B/O KINGSTOWNE BLVD           6/19/2013. An individual attempted to sell a stolen I-phone.


DRUG VIOLATIONS, 5300 B/O EDGEWOOD DR. 6/19/2013. An individual was found to be in possession of a dangerous drug.         


LARCENY,5800 B/O FRANCONIA RD. 6/20/2013. A book bag was stolen.


MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT, 5800 B/O CLAPHAM RD. 6/21/2013. Attempted motor vehicle theft.      


LARCENY/THEFT OFFENSES, 5800 B/O KINGSTOWNE BLVD. 6/22/2013. Attempted shoplifting.


LARCENY, 5800 B/O KINGSTOWNE BLVD. 6/22/2013. Attempted shoplifting







DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 9700 B/O HAGEL CIR. 6/19/2013. An individual was arrested for destruction of property.