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Flint Hill School Rezoning Board Matter
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December 4, 2006

Flint Hill School


Flint Hill School has filed a rezoning application and a special exception amendment application for proposed improvements to its East Campus at the corner of Chain Bridge Road and Jermantown Road on Tax Map Parcels 47-2-((1))-36A, 37, 38, and 52A. The school proposes to vacate/abandon at least that cul-de-sac portion of Academic Drive within the boundaries of the East Campus, and to provide an alternative traffic circulation on the school site. The school proposes to include an approximately 14,131-square-foot portion of Academic Drive (Route 8042) in the land area of the rezoning and special exception applications, which were filed with the Zoning Evaluation Division on November 22, 2006. The proposed GDP/SE Plat shows an alternative traffic circulation plan as well as additional parking areas and landscaping on the portion of Academic Drive proposed for inclusion in the rezoning.

Since the next Board does not meet until January of next year the School has requested Board authorization to include the right-of-way within its rezoning and special exception amendment application boundary.


To that end Mr. Chairman, I move that the Board of Supervisors authorize the inclusion of a total of approximately 14,131 square feet of Academic Drive right-of-way adjacent to Tax Map Parcels 47-2-((1))-36A and 52A, as shown on the attached plat, in the rezoning and special exception amendment applications filed by Flint Hill School on a total of approximately 15.22 acres of land.

This motion does not relieve the Applicant from complying with all regulations, ordinances, or adopted standards, and does not prejudice the consideration of the rezoning application or future abandonment/vacation requests in any way.



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