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Countywide TDM Plan Board Matter
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Development of a Countywide TDM Plan
FY 2007 Budget Consideration Item
February 27, 2006

Mr. Chairman:

As you know, TDM is a group of strategies, services, and programs aimed at managing the demand on the transportation system by reducing vehicle miles of travel and the reliance on the single-occupant vehicle (SOV), thereby increasing the efficiency of the transportation system and improving mobility. TDM incorporates both the provision and support of mobility options to driving alone (such as bus service, car-pools, van pools, commuter rail, shuttle service, other public transit service, high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, and non-motorized modes such as walking or biking) as well as the strategies, technologies, and services which encourage the use of alternatives to driving alone or which modify travel behavior.

A little over a year ago, I asked the Board to request staff to form a working group to examine how to better incorporate Transportation Demand Management (TDM) as an integral part of the land use and development process in Fairfax County and to report back with their findings and recommendations. On February 16, 2006, FCDOT staff transmitted a summary report on the working group's recommendations to all Board members for review and comment. The report includes a list of 9 recommendations (attached) to be considered as next steps in the development of a Countywide TDM Program. The total annual cost requirement to implement these recommendations and to expand the use of TDM within the County is estimated at $608,233. This includes $100,000 for development of marketing materials, the addition of 3 full-time merit positions within FCDOT at an estimated cost of $258,233, and $250,000 for the hiring of contract marketing and outreach personnel. This amount was not identified in time to be requested as part of FCDOT's FY 2007 budget request and therefore is not part of the County Executive's proposed budget plan released earlier today.


Therefore, I would ask that the Board in conjunction with its review of the FY 2007 Budget consider expanding the resources dedicated to Transportation Demand Management Countywide in the annual amount of $608,233. Further, I would ask the Board to direct staff to initiate those items on the attached list of recommendations that can be undertaken within existing resources in advance of approval of the FY 2007 Budget.

Recommendations for Development and Implementation of a
Countywide TDM Program

A. Review in detail the potential of implementing Transportation Management Districts (TMDs) in highly congested and rapidly developing areas of the County and explore the possibility of requiring both by-right developments and those requiring rezoning or special exception approval in designated TMDs to provide specific plans for on-site TDM programs. Prepare associated Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Public Facilities Manual amendments as appropriate.

B. Examine the potential of requiring developers who wish to build office, residential, and mixed use developments to provide specific, on-site TDM programs with provisions for program resources, performance guarantees, sanctions, and corrective measures to assure program goals are achieved and integration with other sites and any active area Transportation Management Agency (TMA). The possibility of requiring approved TDM programs to remain in force in perpetuity should also be considered. Develop suggested proffer language for various components of TDM programs that can be tailored to individual circumstances.

C. Amend the Comprehensive Plan to provide an expanded definition and narrative description of a Countywide TDM program in the Transportation Policy Plan.

D. Explore and, as appropriate, implement alternative parking standards and parking incentives to support the reduction of vehicle trips, including the potential for differing parking space requirements for sites within and outside TMDs and Transit Station Areas (TSAs).

E. Review the potential of requiring developers who wish to build on sites in and/or adjacent to transit facilities (rail stations, park-and-ride lots, etc.) to provide access to the station from both within and throughout the site, for both motorized and non-motorized traffic.

F. Examine the possibility of linking to a greater degree the achievement of TDM program goals, such as vehicle trip reductions, to the authorization to proceed with future planned development phases.

G. Expand outreach and marketing activities to businesses and residential developments, homeowners associations, and apartment complexes to assist in the development and implementation of TDM programs for their employees or residents.

H. Incorporate specific TDM outreach activities and marketing focused on special populations (e.g., senior citizens, disabled, and non-English speaking citizens).

I. Continue to encourage, enhance, and expand mobility options and support services such as non-motorized modes (e.g., walking and biking), bus service, car-pools, van-pools, commuter rail, shuttle service, other public transit service, and high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.




Last Modified: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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