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Wedderburn/JCE Board Matter
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A message from Supervisor Smyth:

A number of you have contacted my office about the Wedderburn rezoning applications. Commissioner Lawrence deferred the Planning Commission decisions on these applications in order to work through the issues that were noted during the public hearing. Because the applications request a cluster zoning, a date for the public hearing at the Board of Supervisors was set for the last meeting in June. As of July 1, by requirement of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Fairfax County must change the rules for cluster zoning to allow cluster development by right. The applicants requested the opportunity to try to complete the rezoning process before the rules change on July 1. Setting a Board date is a scheduling procedure; no decisions have been made by anyone on this application. Board dates can also be changed and frequently have been. My office will continue to coordinate with Commissioner Lawrence on the schedule for the next public hearing. Again, thank you for continuing to send me your comments. I hope that you will continue to participate in future meetings and discussions on this development proposal.

Board Matter

May 10, 2004
Elm Street Development (Wedderburn) and JCE, Inc.
RZ 2003-PR-026
PCA 76-P-118
RZ 2003-PR-013

Related information: Cluster Subdivision Amendments

Mr. Chairman, I would like to request a concurrent Board of Supervisors date for the aforementioned applications due to the impending changes to the cluster provisions of the Zoning Ordinance which will be in effect by July 1, 2004. The applicants have been working diligently with the surrounding neighborhoods, County staff and my office in an effort to satisfy the current requirements. To change the standard of review at this time, would unfairly affect the work which has already been done to resolve issues under the current guidelines.

Mr. Chairman, the Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for May 20, 2004. I therefore request that these applications be scheduled for the Board of Supervisors on June 21, 2004.

This motion does not prejudice in any way the consideration these pending applications.

For more information on this Matter, please contact us.

Board Matter - Supervisor Gerry Connolly
MONDAY, May 19, 2003
RZ 2003 -0245
Authorization of RZ application on County Rights-of-Way


The representatives of Elm Street Development have requested that the Board authorize the filing of RZ 2003-0245 and a PCA on existing County right-of-way associated with Ninovan Lane in the Providence District. The County right-of-way would incorporate 0.109 acres of land into the Wedderburn assemblage at the intersection of Wedderburn Lane and Luckett Avenue.

Motion :

Therefore, I move that the Board of Supervisors authorize the filing of a rezoning and PCA on those portions of Ninovan Lane as generally identified in the pending rezoning application RZ 2003-0245 and a PCA affecting the same and filed in the name of Elm Street Development.

This Motion shall in no way prejudice the review of the pending rezoning.




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