December 13, 2000 Minutes - Trails and Sidewalks Committee

MEMBERS ATTENDING: Ann Bennett (At-Large), Bunyan Bryant (Mason), Don Emerson (Providence), Kevin Brugman (Mount Vernon), Bruce Wright (Hunter Mill, Chet McLaren (Braddock), Deborah Leser (Sully), Dan Iglhaut, (NVRPA) and Clay Peters, (FCFCA).

STAFF: Sheng Jieh Leu (DPZ) and Ahmed Rayyan.

VISITOR: Charles Smith

Acting Chairman Ann Bennett called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.

MINUTES: The minutes were approved with extensive amendments. The final draft is attached to these minutes. The vote was unanimous with Mr. Iglhaut abstaining.

Mr. Rayyan requested the committee to consider two items of discussion. First he requested that the committee evaluate a list of items that the county staff has recommended for removal from the project list. The committee asked Mr. Rayyan to bring the list to the January meeting for a vote. He agreed to do so.

Mr. Rayyan stated that the BOS had referred the committee's request for a countywide system of prioritization for funding to his department for evaluation. His staff recommends a countywide approach since it is a more efficient use of staff and enables the construction of larger more needed projects. The committee discussed other changes that would facilitate the more efficient use of funds and staff such as the use of escrows. Ms. Leser asked Mr. Rayyan how the system would work so that the priorities established by the committee and the BOS would be used to determine funding and construction schedules. Mr. Rayyan stated that the system used in stormwater management projects - in which projects meet specific criteria - helps ensure that the systems works.

Since the committee had already recommended the system to the BOS for consideration, Mr. Rayyan will inform the BOS of the staff support for the recommendation.


The committee first discussed the removal from the draft trails plan of the lines in stream valleys that determine the trail construction material. FCPA had requested Mr. Leu to remove those lines. Inadvertently, this was not brought up in a meeting and was not voted on. The committee discussed the change and asked Mr. Leu to replace those lines. They would be in addition to the stream valley line. The committee consensus was that the absence of specific guidelines for trail construction in the stream valleys would be confusing to citizens and builders alike.

The committee next discussed Mr. Leu's proposed changes in his email of 12-12-00.

Sully District: The committee voted last month to add major paved trail along the Tri-County Parkway. Mr. Leu noted that the sections of the Tri-County Parkway are contiguous with Bull Run Post Office Road and asked which trail type would prevail. Ms. Leser stated that her intent was to have two separate planning guidelines for the two roads since the construction of the Tri-County Parkway is uncertain. If a trail were constructed along the Tri-County Parkway, the trail would be major paved. If trail is constructed along Bull Run Post Office Road then it should be equestrian. Trail designation lines in the Cub Run stream Valley are retained. In Tax Map 33-4, the pedestrian trail near the stream valley was deleted. In Tax Map 55-2 the pedestrian trail from West Ox Rd to the landfill is added back to the map. It was inadvertently removed on a prior draft.

Dranesville: 1. In Tax Map 40-1 a pedestrian trail from Peabody Drive to DAAR was restored to the map. 2. The major paved trail along the DAAR is retained. 3. In Tax Map 12-4, Colvin Run Rd has stonedust only. 4. In Tax maps 31-1 and 31-2 minor paved trail adjacent to Pimmit Run Stream Valley are deleted.

Hunter Mill: 1. Major paved trail along the DAAR is deleted. 2. In Tax Map 18-4 major paved trail was moved to the front of Crowell Rd. instead of along the rear lot lines. 3. In Tax Maps 11-2 and 11-4, trail is moved closer to Wiehle Avenue. 4. In Tax Map 15-4 major paved trail along Frying Pan Rd is moved to the north side. 5. In Tax Map 25-1 minor paved trail is extended to Centreville Rd.


Lee District: In Tax Maps 81-2 and 92-4 triangle shaped pedestrian trail networks were adjusted to reflect more accurately the road and open space patterns.

Mason District: 1. In Tax Map 72-3 a minor paved trail along east side of Seventh Street was deleted because a new trail was added along nearby Cherokee Ave. 2. In Tax Map 59-3 a pair of minor paved trails are realigned better with Woodburn Rd.

Braddock District: The trail around Lake Accotink will continue to have a specific trail designation.

Providence District: 1.In Tax Map 39-2, Minor Paved trail is added along both sides of Gallows Rd between Rt. 7 and Old Courthouse Rd. 2. In Tax Map 59-3 a pair of minor paved trails are realigned better with Woodburn Rd. 3. Major Paved Trail along DAAR was retained.

The entire trail plan was again reviewed for necessary corrections.

In Sully District, Ms. Leser requested one correction. She asked that the Bull Run Occoquan Trail extend to the Loudoun County line.

In Hunter Mill District Mr. Wright suggested that the surface construction needs to be designated in the regional trail systems. The committee discussed ways to address this issue.

MOTION: Mr. Brugman moved that Note 5 be revised to remove "Most of". Mr. Wright seconded the motion. Mr. Iglhaut asked to amend the motion to include the W & OD as Major Paved Trail. The amendment was accepted. The motion is to amend Note 5 to read: "Major Regional Trail System includes trail along I-495, I-66, DAAR, Fairfax County Parkway, Franconia-Springfield Parkway, Southern Railroad, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Washington and Old Dominion Regional Park, Cross-County Stream Valleys, Occoquan River and Potomac River. The Major Regional Trail Systems are Major Paved Trails with the exception of those trails along the Norfold Southern Railroad, Cross-County Stream Valleys, Occoquan River and Potomac River where surface materials vary from Paved, Natural Surface to Stonedust.

The vote was unanimous with Mr. Iglhaut abstaining.

Mr. Wright had two other changes: 1. To change Sunrise Valley Road trail (designated minor paved )from the north to the south side. 2. To change item 9b on Sheet 1 to add stonedust in addition to existing trail designation. 3. On Tax Map 100-1 next to Tax Map 100-3, Beulah St. and Woodlawn Trail should follow Beulah Street.

MOTION: Ms. Leser moved that the current draft map with the corrections made today be accepted as the final draft to be submitted for the out of turn plan amendment. Mr. Emerson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously with Mr. Iglhaut abstaining.

MOTION: Ms. Leser moved that the committee write a letter to DPZ and the BOS commending Mr. Leu for his work on the out of turn plan amendment. Mr. Wright seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously with Mr. Iglhaut abstaining.

Mr. Leu explained that the next step for the amendment is the Planning Commission. He recommended that the district representatives meet with the supervisors and Planning Commissioners to discuss the amendment. He will have materials at the January meeting that members can use to discuss the amendment. Mr. Brugman asked for district maps as well as the entire map.


Ms. Bennett reported that she attended the Potomac Heritage Trail Meeting with Ms. Pate (FCPA) and Mr. Niedringhaus. There was no staff representation from Fairfax County. The National Park Service is spearheading the effort to construct the trail and there is federal money available. There is no one in Fairfax County available to plan for the trail and therefore request funds. A letter concerning this issue was sent to Ms. Hanley and Ms. Hanley raised the issue at the December 4 BOS meeting. The BOS has requested the county executive to respond.

The escrow issue is on the agenda for January. Committee members are asked to review the status of any projects involved escrowed funds or that could involve escrowed funds before the meeting. Mr. Leu will try to obtain the newest copy of the escrow report for the committee members.


Mr. Emerson reported that the Transportation Advisory Commission is preparing a summit in the spring on accessibility issues. The committee should be involved.

Mr. Wright asked about any TEA-21 grants obtained in the county. Mr. Leu referred him to Angela Jacobs, who coordinates these grants for the county.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:22 PM.

Deborah Rimmer Leser, Secretary


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