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Purpose: Created pursuant to the provisions of Title 15.2, Chapter 51 of the Code of Virginia 1950, as amended. The provisions of the petiion that establishd the CDA states that the CDA Board shall be comprised of five members appointed by the BOS pursuant to VA Code Section 15.2-5113, serving four year staggered terms. Statement of Economic Interests Disclosure required. eff. 4/26/16 BOS Changes.
Terms: 4 years
Number of Seats: 5
Membership: 4 years(initial staggered terms-3 members 4 year term, and the other 2 members serve 2 years)
Meeting Info: TBD
Staff Info: Barbara Byron
Office of Community Revitalization
Board Website:
Current Membership: Ms. Barbara Byron
The Honorable John W. Foust
Mr. Joe LaHait
The Honorable Linda Q. Smyth