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Help Fairfax County Finalize its Ten Year Bus Plan Archived Discussion Room

Fairfax County, Virginia

Help Fairfax County Finalize its Ten Year Bus Plan

Join Nick Perfili and Randy White from the Fairfax County Department of Transportation on Thursday, May 7 at 11 a.m. for a discussion about Fairfax County’s Comprehensive Transit Plan Update. Ask questions about the “Connections 2015” program; provide comments on draft transit service recommendations; and share other suggestions on how the regional bus network can better serve your needs.

Nicholas Perfili : Good morning and thank you for joining us for today’s Ask Fairfax! online chat.  I am Nick Perfili with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, and with me today is Randy White, who is leading the county’s comprehensive transit planning effort.  We are working to finalize the development of the fiscal year 2016-2025 Comprehensive Transit Plan (CTP), a ten-year plan for Fairfax Connector and Metrobus service within Fairfax County. The CTP builds on the county’s existing 2009 Transit Development Plan (TDP).

CTP service recommendations and route concepts are available online for your review.  In addition, outreach will continue over the next several weeks, and comments will be accepted until June 30, 2015.  Get full CTP details, including the service recommendations and outreach schedule, at .

Before we begin responding to your transit plan questions, I want to take a moment to remind riders and others of Fairfax Connector’s May 16 service changes.  Changes to 23 Fairfax Connector routes will occur Saturday, May 16, 2015 in response to rider feedback and to improve on-time performance, enhance connectivity between routes and Metrorail, and expand connections in the I-95 and I-395 corridors between Springfield, the Mark Center, and Pentagon.

May 16 service change highlights include: new Reston Internal Bus System (RIBS) schedules reflecting added trips on RIBS 1 and RIBS 3, and route changes on RIBS 2, RIBS 4, and RIBS 5; in Springfield, new service between the Saratoga Park and Ride, Mark Center, and Pentagon on Route 393; in Tysons, restructured service providing more direct, two-way service for the majority of passengers connecting with Silver Line on circulator routes 422, 423, and 424; and in Lorton, the extension of Route 494 to the Lorton VRE station to replace Route 493 service.
Additional Fairfax Connector service change details and new timetables are available now at .

Charlotte : As we all know Centreville has been expanding these past few years with many people turning to mass transit for their commute. The UMC, Stone Rd, and Strigfellow Park and Rides are very popular stops and these buses are often crowded during rush hour. As an avid 631/632/630/641/644 bus rider, I am aware of the needs in Centreville. I will be moving soon just off Federation Drive and Singletons way and was disappointed to see there is no bus route along Federation drive. The bus that does pick up on the corner of Federation and New Braddock is the 630 bus and only comes at inconvenient hours. Any chance we can get a bus stop route along Federation drive? Otherwise people in this area are forced to walk half a mile across the very busy 28 intersection to get to the UMC park and ride or drive there and take up the spots others could use that come from a further distance. Thank you for your consideration.

Nicholas Perfili : Hello, Charlotte.  Thank you for riding transit.

The area of Singletons Way and New Braddock Road is served by Fairfax Connector routes 630 and 631.  Route 630 operates weekday middays and evenings, and Route 631 operates during weekday rush hours to bus stops along New Braddock Road near Singletons Way.  Great suggestion about adding serve south of New Braddock Road -- we will add your Federation Drive route change proposal to the existing 630 and 631 service for consideration as part of this planning process. 

Burke rider : I have a question about the 313 bus plan. Will this route run on weekends or just weekdays? I live in the Burke area and would like to see more bus service and weekend service.

Randall White : The current recommendation for Route 313 proposes Saturday service from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The route would operate every 60 minutes at the beginning and end of the service, and every 30 minutes during the day. Sunday service is not currently proposed, but could still be considered.

New routes : Is it true that buses are not going to come in the shopping center at all. Difficult for to cross Colts neck any time of day. Disabled. Elderly and those who are carrying groceries.

Nicholas Perfili : Good morning RIBS rider.  As part of the May 16 service changes, RIBS 1 and RIBS 3 buses will enter the Hunters Woods Village Center on all trips, weekdays and weekends.  RIBS 1 and RIBS 3 buses will no longer bypass Hunters Woods Village Center during weekday rush hours.  For riders who are interested in more direct service, Fairfax Connector Route 551 buses will serve bus stops along Colts Neck Road and not enter Hunters Woods Village Center (as Route 551 buses operate today).

Please view new Route 551, RIBS 1, and RIBS 3 schedules, effective May 16, 2015: .

H Ripley : Dear Fairfax County, Every day on my commute, I see folks trying to cross busy Route 28 on foot to get to the bus stop at the UMC Park and Ride. Not only is this dangerous but it is an accident waiting to happen. Is there any way a bus stop could be put in along Federation to stop folks from having to cross 28? Kindest Regards, H Ripley

Nicholas Perfili : We will add revising the Route 630 and 631 service to loop via Singletons Way and Federation Drive as part of our CTP proposal.  Note that most I-66 Corridor/Vienna Metro service (620-, 630-, 640, and 650-series routes) will be evaluated in fiscal year 2016 to improve on time performance, with the possibility of initiating new weekend service, and we will consider the Singletons Way/Federation Drive loop request at that time.

Thanks for riding Fairfax Connector.

Mark : Why is an Express Route from Centreville to Tysons No Longer Recommended? Will this be reevaluated as the I-66 HOT lanes project becomes more refined?

Randall White :

Thanks for your questions about Express service from

Centreville to Tysons and about peak bus service to downtown DC. The

Comprehensive Plan itself does not contain any recommendations about these

services, however Fairfax County has been an active participant in developing

the transit plans for I-66 as part of the I-66 Outside the Beltway Study. Please

visit for more information. There

Fairfax : Please, please restore a minimal bus service every 20-30 minutes during rush hour along the Dulles Toll Road from Wiehle Reston to West Falls Church Metro (north side). Please be transparent with and responsive to your riders, and not ignore all of the dozens of Facebook comments about this need that was posted on your website last fall. The Silver Line detour in Tysons Corner with four stops is inefficient whereas the bus can travel the DTR between Routes 7 and 123 in under 3 minutes. Also the rail transfer from Silver to Orange at East Falls Church when your travel makes a change of direction i.e. Tysons to Vienna adds an average 10 minutes travel time with an average transfer. I know a couple of my coworkers gave up on public transportation after the Silver Line opened and am sure many others. With remaining Silver Liners in Fairfax County with increased commutes of up to 15 to 20 minutes each way vs. pre Silver Line, this leaves less time for family, community, and discretionary spending affecting county tax revenues. Also having this in place before a major rail disruption or emergency happens (knowing Metrorail, it is not a question of if, but when) on the Silver Line in Fairfax County will be helpful than entirely relying on emergency bus shuttles.

Nicholas Perfili : Hello.  I am sorry to hear about riders who are no longer on board transit since Silver Line service began in July 2014.  Service between the Reston and Herndon areas and West Falls Church was changed to instead travel as far east as Wiehle-Reston East.  Including the former Orange Line Tysons area routes, most all Dulles Corridor service was changed from serving one Metrorail station (West Falls Church), to five Metrorail stations (McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, Spring Hill, and Wiehle).  Providing service to new, closer Metro stations has allowed for more trips in Reston neighborhoods during rush hours; new weekend options where none existed before; and a restructuring of service in Tysons and McLean. 

For Silver Line riders traveling between Vienna and the Dulles Corridor, Fairfax Connector Route 463 operates seven days a week between the Tysons Corner and Vienna Metro stations.  Using Route 463 eliminates the need transfer between Orange and Silver line service at East Falls Church.

Thank you! : Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question! I would hate to have to buy a commuter car and defeat the purpose of using mass transit when a bus route could easily be added to the street I will be living on! Fairfax Connector Buses have become almost my second home on my long commute each day and I would love to continue to be an avid user of their services!

Nicholas Perfili : Your welcome.  We appreciate your input and the time you took to review the service recommendations.

Anonymous User : Will the Connector ever get Next Bus GPS technology, like virtually every other major& near-major transit system utilizes?

Nicholas Perfili : Fairfax Connector is working now on real-time bus tracking system development.  As a rider on the Connector system myself, I share your enthusiasm for this technology, and am also a Metrobus NextBus user.  We will begin database testing this summer, anticipate launching a pilot trial in the fall, and deploying the technology across the system by spring 2016.

Charlotte : Why does the 630 bus only run at off peak hours? Any chance you can add a bus route that runs during peak hours in the Heritage Forest Neighborhood? New Braddock Rd to Federation which loops around to Singletons Way. Currently there is a bus route on the other side of Singletons way, but no bus service is currently running on the Federation drive side causing the neighborhood to drive to park and rides.

Nicholas Perfili : Route 630 operates middays and evenings because routes 631 and 641 offer more direct trips during weekday rush hours, when the I-66 HOV lane is available for buses to bypass the Fair Oaks area.  While there is a Route 630 bus stop along eastbound New Braddock Road at Federation Drive, Route 631 rush hour stops are in the vicinity.  Board and alight Route 631 buses at stops along westbound New Braddock Road between Mosby Drive and Singletons Way, and along Singletons Way near the intersection of Baylor Drive (just north of New Braddock Road).

Laura : I live in Springfield and always have to drive when I need to go to the Government Center or Judicial Center because there is no direct bus service. My son also attends GMU and would love to be able to get there by transit. Have you considered this?

Nicholas Perfili : Hello, Laura-

The CTP does include a recommendation for service connecting the Springfield and Government Center/Fair Oaks areas by way of George Mason University and the county Judicial Center in Fairfax.  See the Route 313 and 315 recommendations on pages 175-177 of the report: .

Thank you for your question.

Nicholas Perfili : Randy and I would like to thank you for your questions and interest in the future of bus service in Fairfax County.  If you have not already done so, please review the service recommendations at .  In addition, route specific maps and descriptions will be available online next week at the project website listed below.
Comments and route suggestions will be accepted until June 30, 2015.  For more information about the Comprehensive Transit Plan, and to get involved at a future CTP “Connections 2015” outreach event, visit the project website at .