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World Police and Fire Games 2015 Archived Discussion Room

Fairfax County, Virginia

World Police and Fire Games 2015

Fairfax County is hosting the 2015 World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) June 26-July 5. Join WPFG staff and members of the county's Office of Emergency Management on Wednesday, June 17 at 3 p.m. to learn about the games, volunteer opportunities, traffic information and more. Your questions are welcome!

Roy Shrout : Good Afternoon, My name is Roy Shrout,. Deputy Coordination with the Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management and I am here today with the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications Courtney Counts with the World Police and Fire Games.  Thank you for participating today and we look forward to answering questions

Anonymous User : Is there a list of just the Fairfax County athletes that are participating?

Roy Shrout : Thanks for the question, we will not actively publishing names, however, once competition begins, you will begin to see formal sport brackets posted on the site which will include team names

Miriam : When and were can we obtain the tickets?

Roy Shrout : All events are free and open to the public.  The opening ceremony will be ticketed but the tickets are free and are available online at the

Anonymous User : It seems the publicity has been rather low key. I admit I haven't been watching a lot of TV recently, but I have not seen anything to promote the games on TV.

Roy Shrout : The games promotion have been taking place on NBC4, Comcast SportsNet, WTOP, ESPN980, 94.7, the Washington Post and Inside Nova Newspapers as well as various outdoor venues in and around Fairfax County. We have advertisement on the Virginia Railway Express, as well as Fairfax Connector buses

Anonymous User : how much is admission?

Roy Shrout : All game events are free and open to the public - Opening ceremony is a ticketed event, but the tickets are free and are available now.

Anonymous User : Will a schedule of events with time and place be shared with the public? (Washington Post, local papers?) Schedule on Web site gives place but not event time, printable item would help.

Roy Shrout : Yes, the dates of the events are on the website, however, the start times are being finalized and will be shared on the website and with local media in the next several days

Joan : What time does each event start? The schedule only lists place and date.

Roy Shrout : The dates of the events are on the website, however, the start times are being finalized and will be shared on the website and with local media in the next several days

Anonymous User : Is there going to be an impact on traffic with these games?

Roy Shrout : For the most part you will not see any direct impact.  During the half marathon on July 5th in Reston you may see some impact to traffic.  The only other road impacts may be in the City of Fairfax during the bike event.

Anonymous User : What happens if the games are postponed because of weather? Will the events take place on other days or just be canceled?

Roy Shrout : There are weather related delays built into the planning of the games and based on the type of event and duration of the weather will dictate the final decision.  If changes are made, all of the athletes will be notified and we will post the appropriate changes on the website

Anonymous User : Not a question, but a request: There is a schedule of events at but it does not print well. Once the schedule is finalized would appreciate in a better format (i.e., PDF) posted online to allow to print properly from home. This one is not easily formatted to have all items show on page. Thanks!

Roy Shrout : Thank you for the suggestion and we will look into that.

Anonymous User : Where is OPM I may want to vol

Roy Shrout : Thanks for asking,  as of now, volunteer registration is closed.  We had more than 5,500 register to volunteer. 

Concerned in Fairfax : What is the total amount spent by the county on these games so far, and the total amount expected to be spent when this ia over. How does that compare to the amount budgeted?

Roy Shrout : The organizers of Fairfax2015 project the games will cost between $16-$17 million.  Fairfax 2015 has been working hard and continues to work to solicit sponsorships, donations, and other in-kind support to put on these Games.  The Commonwealth of Virginia also committed $1 million to support the games.  The games are expected to have a $60-$80 million economic impact on Fairfax County and the Metro area.

Anonymous User : Where can I find out what roads will be closed around Reston? Will the Fairfax County Parkway remain unaffected?

Roy Shrout : Right now we do not anticipate closing any roads, however, their may be some minimal impacts to traffic on July 5th during the half marathon being held that morning.  There is no planned impact to the Fairfax County Parkway.  On a daily basis we will be sending out traffic alert information from Fairfax County if you wish to sign up for that service.  The link is  The program is called Fairfax Alerts

Anonymous User : Is there going to be a fireworks celebration to coincide with July 4? Any other ceremonies besides the games?

Roy Shrout : The National Capitol Region hosts several large firework displays to include the City of Fairfax, City of Manassas and District of Columbia.  Our recommendation to everyone is take the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony at RFK where you will have the opportunity to see athletes from more than 65 countries represented, culture, music, and a great deal of entertainment including Sugar Ray.  Tickets are available now online and are free at  We also encourage you to attend many of the sporting events located throughout Fairfax County and the national capital region.  And, one of the other great opportunities open to the public is the chance to meet many of those international participants nightly at the Athletes Village and Expo at the Reston Town Center. 

Anonymous User : I live in Reston and am worried about having the Athlete's Village so close to my house. Will they have curfews so they don't disrupt the neighborhood? And doesn't having them all in one place make them a target for something bad?

Roy Shrout : The Reston Town Center was selected because of the ideal setting for hosting large events such as the Taste of Reston. We encourage the public to come and meet the athletes and take part in the cultural celebration that will be part of the World Police and Fire Games.   Many of the athletes will not be staying here but will be located throughout the region close to their sporting event.  The team from the World Police and Fire Games in partnership with the  home owner associations and businesses located near and in the Reston Town Center have agreed to conclude the nightly activities at 11:00 PM. 

Anonymous User : Why did the county decide to host the games? It doesn't seem like the return on investment is worth all of the hassle.

Roy Shrout : This is a great opportunity to showcase all that Fairfax County and the National Capital Region has to offer on a global stage. The Games of Heroes will celebrate the international first responders who support their communities every day!

Roy Shrout : On behalf of the team from Fairfax 2015 and Fairfax County we thank you for your questions and your support.  Please take the opportunity to visit the website at for the latest information on Games events and related news.