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Metrorail SafeTrack - Commuting Alternatives for Safety Surge #2 Archived Discussion Room

Fairfax County, Virginia

Metrorail SafeTrack - Commuting Alternatives for Safety Surge #2

The Metrorail SafeTrack Safety Surge #2 is about to begin. To avoid gridlock, commuters are urged to consider carpooling, vanpooling, taking the bus, biking and teleworking as often as possible during Metro’s ongoing work. Know your commuting options and prepare now! Nick Perfili and Ryan Jones from Fairfax County Department of Transportation will be online Thursday, June 16 at 11 a.m. to answer your questions about commuter options in the county. Log on live or submit your questions now to learn more.

Nicholas Perfili :

Good morning.  Thank you for participating in today’s Ask Fairfax! online discussion regarding Fairfax Connector service during SafeTrack Safety Surge 2, June 18-July 3, 2016.  Joining me is Ms. Ciara Williams, employer outreach and transportation demand management  coordinator with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, and Mr. Ryan Jones, Fairfax Connector service planner.

SafeTrack Safety Surge 2 will affect Blue, Orange, and Silver Line Metrorail service.  Even though Surge 2 track work is occurring in the District of Columbia east of the Eastern Market Metrorail station, impacts will continue for Fairfax County commuters.  Orange and Silver Line trains will operate every 10 minutes, and Blue Line trains will operate every 12 minutes between Franconia-Springfield and Arlington Cemetery only.  To assist commuters during Surge 2, Fairfax Connector will continue to operate supplemental Route 599 express bus service between Reston and the Pentagon, and special SafeTrack express bus service between the Vienna Metrorail station and the Pentagon.  I also would like to thank riders affected by Surge 1 who are taking advantage of alternative commuting methods, carpooling, teleworking, or flexing their work schedules so riders who need to travel during the busiest rush hour travel periods are able to do so.

Additional SafeTrack details are available at and  (Note that the County’s SafeTrack website now includes a listing of planned Fairfax Connector mitigation service during future safety surges.)

I also would like to take this time to remind riders that Fairfax Connector service changes will take place on Saturday, June 18, 2016 on many routes system-wide.  Highlights of the changes include the start of weekend bus service in Centreville and Chantilly on routes 630, 640, and 650; improved weekday rush hour service to and from the Stringfellow Road Park-and-Ride; improved weekend service on routes 310 and 401/402; and adjustments to routes 422, 463, 651, and 724.  Visit or contact customer service at 703-339-7200 for full service change details.

We are happy to answer your questions.

Vienna : Will the pentagon bus route from Vienna (express bus) stay in place for the next round of Metro work? This is a great route, complements to Fairfax Connector for running the service to get us around Metro Rail.

Nicholas Perfili : Good morning Vienna Metro commuter.
Fairfax Connector will continue operating the Vienna <> Pentagon SafeTrack express bus service during SafeTrack Safety Surge 2.  Future Fairfax Connector surge mitigation efforts are now on the County's SafeTrack website,

Anonymous User : When will the weekend service in Centreville start up?

Nicholas Perfili : New weekend service in Centreville (and in Chantilly along the Rt. 50 corridor) will begin operating this coming Saturday, June 18th.  New Route 630, 640, and 650 timetables are online now at  In addition, to introduce the new Route 630, 640, and 650 weekend service to the community, passengers will ride free on those three routes on Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19, 2016.

Thank you for riding.

Angie : We are planning to go to Kennedy Center June 18. If we are out by 10 pm, can we expect to get back to Reston before the subway closes?

Ryan Jones : In response to SafeTrack, Metro now closes at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
To go back to Reston, you can take the free Kennedy Center Shuttle ( to the Foggy Bottom station on the Silver Line to Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station. For Metro schedule information, please visit .
Thank you for riding, enjoy the show!

Anonymous User : Thank you for continuing the Vienna Metro-Pentagon Express Bus Service. I have used it during Surge #1 and it has been great. I plan to continue to use it during Surge #2.

Ryan Jones : Thank you for the positive feedback. We really appreciate you riding Fairfax Connector.

Please visit our SafeTrack page for more information: .

623 Rider : I noticed using the Metro trip planner (Mon 6/20 for example) that there are additional route 623 trips in the morning that are not on the PDF 621/622/623 schedule. Is this an error, or have additional trips been added?

Nicholas Perfili : Hello 623 rider.
Service changes will take place on Route 623 with the June 18th service changes.  You may be seeing the new 621/622/623 schedule via the online Trip Planner.  Visit to see new timetables, and if you continue to experience issues with Trip Planner, please e-mail us specifics at so we can resolve the issue.

g.b. : How long will I have to wait for a train at Ballston?

Nicholas Perfili : G.B.-
For SafeTrack Surge 2, trains are to operate every 10 minutes.  Please visit for full details or to contact Metro with Metrorail-specific questions. 

Anonymous User : Will extra 5A buses from Herndon-Monroe to L'Enfant still be available during Surge #2, or will that schedule revert to regular, original schedule?

Ryan Jones : Route 5A will operate according to the normal schedule. For Metrobus schedule information, please visit or directly.
Thank you for riding.

Dan : Will there be a Fairfax Connector express bus from Franconia Springfield when the blue line is closed?

Nicholas Perfili : Dan-
During SafeTrack surges 3 and 4, Fairfax Connector will operate express bus service between the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail station and the Pentagon via the I-395/Shirley Highway HOV lanes and 95/395 Express Lanes.  Get information at

Silver line : For Surge #2, it says silver line rides should expect upto 49% fewer trains west of Rosslyn. So should we expect it to be worse than what we experienced for Surge #1 ? Requesting WMATA and Fairfax connector to retain the extra buses made added for Silver line for Surge #1, for Surge#2 as well. Thanks

Nicholas Perfili : Good morning Silver Liner-
Fairfax Connector will continue to operate the supplemental Route 599 SafeTrack service during Safety Surge 2 to provide additional bus capacity in the Dulles Corridor.

Anonymous User : during this first surge, I have been able to telework. traveling silver line from wiehle to farragut west during this second surge with closure much further down the line, I've heard things will be even worse than single tracking during #1. What is your opinion on the impact?

Ryan Jones : Hi there. This is Ciara.  Thanks for the great question!  Unfortunately, it's hard to tell what the impacts will be during the upcoming surges but at this point we are urging everyone to telework and use flexible work schedules as much as possible.  We are also encouraging commuters to consider other commuting options such as carpooling and vanpooling.

Please go to for resources and assistance on all of your commuting options. 

Anonymous User : Will the safe track surge 2 affect the Orange Line in Fairfax, what is the impact just in Washington DC?

Nicholas Perfili : SafeTrack Surge 2 will affect Blue, Orange, and Silver Line service in Fairfax County even though the track work is taking place in the District of Columbia east of Eastern Market.  Learn the specifics of the Surge 2 Metrorail service plan at (direct link to the information you asked about:

Beth : Do we know why Metro is opting to send everyone from the Pentagon into the core of the city to connect with points in Virginia? Have you heard of any possible shuttle service between the Pentagon and Rosslyn?

Ryan Jones : Hi Beth,

Service between Pentagon and Rosslyn can be accomplished via the Orange Line or Silver Line with a Yellow Line transfer at L'Enfant Plaza. For specifics about SafeTrack planning, please contact Metro at .

Fairfax Connector will continue to operate express service from Vienna and Reston to the Pentagon, and also our existing express bus service to the Pentagon from the Saratoga Park and Ride on routes 393 and 394. We hope one of these options will work for you.
Please visit .

Link to the 393/394 timetable:

Anonymous User : How do I see if I can join a carpool from along I-66 in Fairfax to the Navy Yard area?

Ryan Jones : Hi there! Fairfax County will gladly assist commuters who are interested in joining carpools or vanpools by connecting them with others who live and work near them.  Call Fairfax County Department of Transportation RideSources (703)877-5600 (24 hours a day) for ride matching assistance.  You can also go to for additional resources for your commute.

Anonymous User : Does the county have parking spaces available for carpoolers and sluggers?

Ryan Jones : Fairfax County has over 40 park and ride lots. All are free except for the Metrorail lots and facilities. For more information, please visit 

Anonymous User : Since there won't be any rail service between Arlington Cemetery and Rosslyn, what transit options do I have to bridge that gap?

Nicholas Perfili : Fairfax Connector is providing options for commuters traveling to the Pentagon (and other destinations in the region via the Pentagon):

For Reston area commuters, Fairfax Connector will continue to operate supplemental trips on express Route 599 between Reston and the Pentagon.  For Vienna area commuters, Fairfax Connector will continue to operate express service between the Vienna Metrorail station and the Pentagon.  For Springfield area commuters, and commuters who can travel to the Saratoga Park and Ride from other areas of the county, Fairfax Connector operates express service between Saratoga and the Pentagon on express routes 393 and 394.  (The Saratoga Park and Ride facility is located at the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway, Barta Road, and Rolling Road.)

In addition, a Metrorail transfer at L'Enfant Plaza will continue to connect the Pentagon to Orange and Silver Line trains via Yellow Line service.

Ryan Jones :

Thanks to all who joined us for today’s Ask Fairfax! chat.  If you have additional questions about Fairfax Connector service during SafeTrack, or for SafeTrack information overall, please visit  Also, as Nick mentioned earlier, be sure to view information on the June 18, 2016 service changes at

Thank you for riding and for your interest in transit and ride sharing or other alternate commuting options.