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No Metro? Your Blue and Yellow Line Summer Shutdown Travel Questions Answered Archived Discussion Room

Fairfax County, Virginia

No Metro? Your Blue and Yellow Line Summer Shutdown Travel Questions Answered

Anyone traveling within the service area of the Metrorail Blue and Yellow Line this summer will be impacted by the complete station shutdowns south of the Ronald Reagan National Airport from Memorial Day through Sept. 8, 2019. To avoid gridlock and significant travel delays, Fairfax County commuters and visitors are urged to not drive alone and plan for travel alternatives such as express bus options, ridesharing and telework. Join the Fairfax County Department of Transportation online Monday, May 13 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. to get your questions about transportation alternatives answered live. (You can also submit questions in advance.) For a complete list of travel options and resources for getting around this summer, visit

Robin Geiger : Good afternoon! My name is Robin Geiger and I am here today with my colleagues from Fairfax County Department of Transportation to answer questions related to travel alternatives and ways toget around during the Metrorail Platform Reconstruction Project-related Blue and Yellow Line Metro Stations shutdowns in Fairfax County this summer. For more resources and ways to stay informed on Fairfax County travel alternatives, visit information on the WMATA Platform Reconstruction Project, visit

Lannie Kern : Will the buses between Pentagon and Franconia be running late so we can get home from ballgames. how often will they be running?

Robin Geiger : The Franconia to Pentagon Express will operate the same hours as Metrorail service. If the rail service hours are extended due to special events such as July 4th or sporting events, coordination will be maintained with the shuttles. During the evening period, shuttles will run on a 10-15 minute frequency.

Anonymous User : Will the shuttle services run late on the weekends to coordinate with the last metro train service?

Robin Geiger : During weekdays and weekends, shuttle service will coordinate with the last train. Metro staff supervisors at each location will have the ability to coordinate with shuttle buses to ensure connections to the last train.

Barbara : How can Metro reasonably have the number of busses needed to transport people from the closed stations? What are the plans for how many busses will be available and what times at each of the closed stations?

Robin Geiger : Shuttle service will function differently from Metrorail service.  There are three express shuttles that take passengers from the end of the line directly to the Pentagon, bypassing local stations. The local shuttle services will focus directly on serving the local communities, shifting commuters to the other express routes.  Based on previous experience, WMATA has developed a plan to accommodate the expected demand, and is prepared to be adaptable as needed.

Annie : Will VRE continue to operate at the Franconia/Springfield station? Will all other normal routes that utilize the Franconia/Springfield station (i.e. Ffx Con. 310, 305, 395, 401/402, etc.) continue to operate as normal?

Robin Geiger : Yes, VRE will continue to operate at the Franconia/Springfield station as will all Fairfax Connector routes that operate out of the Franconia/Springfield station. For details go to:

Irene : Will the orange line be the closest into D.C.from dpringfield?

Robin Geiger : From Franconia/Springfield, to get into DC efficiently, the Franconia to Pentagon express is 30-35 minutes. Additionally, there is free parking at the Franconia Springfield station during the entirety of the shutdown. This would take less time that travelling from Springfield to the orange line stations.

Anonymous User : I don’t see a schedule for the shuttle buses. We will need a shuttle from Franconia to Reagan, but there are no times listed (ie every 30 minutes, etc)

Robin Geiger : If you visit:, there is a travel alternatives options feature that provides the free shuttle bus schedule and frequency. In addition, there is an alternative travel planner. Going from Franconia to Reagan, we suggest you take the Blue Line Shuttle, which operates every 5 minutes during rush hour and 12 minutes midday and evening.

Anonymous User : Have there been any discussions across city and county government systems about how to work together to mitigate the impact of this shut down? Especially since the impacted stations spread from Alexandria city through fairfax and limit access into dc.

Robin Geiger : There has been considerable discussion since May 2018 with over 140 federal, state and local organizations participating in regional discussions. WMATA, in coordination with VDOT and local jurisdictions are implementing traffic management tools (bus on shoulder, HOV3, transit signal priority, among other types) to help mitigate impacts on local roads and highways. We urge you to plan now for your travel alternatives during the shutdown including ridesharing, biking, walking and other modes.  For details go to

Labor Law : Will there be a charge for shuttles or transportation from Franconia/Springfield Metro? Will parking be open at the Franconia/Springfield Metro?

Robin Geiger : All the shuttles are free and parking is free at the Franconia/Springfield Metrorail station.

Anonymous User : Will new locations for slug lines be created?

Robin Geiger : Slug lines will be operating out of the Franconia Springfield Metrorail Station.

Anonymous User : Will parking be available at crystal city?

Robin Geiger : There is no parking available at Crystal City Metrorail Station.

Jane Morrison : We use the 11 Y bus to get into D.C. for work. It appears that a few more buses have been added to the current schedule but I have 2 questions: 1) Why weren't earlier bus times added? 2) How was the decision made to increase buses? It is to be expected that the buses will get crowded early and that by the time the 11Y hits Old Town South (Porto Vecchio area of South Washington Street) they may be at capacity. Early bus slots would likely alleviate some of the problem since it is going to be a VERY slow crawl into D.C. via the 11Y this summer.

Robin Geiger : In addition to adding frequency on the 11Y service, we are using articulated vehicles which have additional capacity. We will monitor the ridership collected by buses and if problems arise we will make adjustments as needed. 

Michael Malloy : Curious if there will be more 11y buses, particularly early in the morning for those of us who need to get into DC early. Right now the first one leaves Mt. Vernon at appx. 6:30 and gets into DC at appx. 7:30. We could really use some earlier buses.

Robin Geiger : Currently we are operating the service within the existing service hours. We will monitor ridership and make adjustments.

Anne : 1. Where will the shuttle bus stops be located at the individual stations affected by the closures, particularly at the Huntington Station? 2. Are pick-up and drop off points on Huntington Avenue side or at North Kings Highway? 3. Will "Kiss & Ride" space still be available? 4. Where can we park if we want to leave our cars for the day? 5. Will we still be able to walk through the station to go from Huntington Ave to N Kings Hwy?

Robin Geiger : All of that information is available at There will be maps located throughout each station and customer support staff to guide customers to the shuttles. 

Anonymous User : What will be the options for getting from Braddock Rd to Pentagon City?

Robin Geiger : Customers should take the Yellow Line shuttle from Braddock Road to Crystal City and transfer to Metrorail to access Pentagon City. In addition, a more direct route for customers would be to take the Metroway at Braddock Road directly to Pentagon City.  The cost is $2.00. During the shutdown it will operate every 8 minutes on weekdays.

Anonymous User : Many of us depend on getting to DC for networking and work, but not all of us can afford ridesharing. Not only are the rails essential for many of us, but the buses run at an interval that is almost useless. Several times I have stopped at Pentagon or King Street to find a wait time of over 1 hour for my bus. No one should have to spend 2-3 hours to travel 10 miles because they can't afford a rideshare. Will the metro finally start increasing the frequency of buses to something reasonable and when will public transportation be feasible and affordable for our lower class residents?

Robin Geiger : Yes. The platform improvement project provides free and frequent shuttle service. The shuttles run every 5 minutes during peak. Capital Bikeshare is also avail at Pentagon and King Street.  The Mt. Vernon Trail is an alternative route to D.C.

Anonymous User : How long will it take from Saratoga Park and Ride to Pentagon? How often does the express bus service operate from this location?

Robin Geiger : This route will operate every 10 minutes and the ride to the Pentagon from Saratoga is 35 minutes.

Robin Geiger : Thank you for joining us today.  Sorry we did not get to all of your questions. For more information about the Metrorail Shutdown go to: