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Fairfax County, Virginia

Silver Line, Phase I Update

Join Nick Perfili, Dulles Rail Project Planner, and Christy Wegener, Fairfax Connector’s Manager of Operations, Planning and Customer Service, on Thursday, April 18 at 2 p.m. for a discussion on Silver Line, Phase 1. It’s an opportunity to ask questions about the Silver Line as well as Fairfax Connector’s proposed bus service plan for when the rail line starts operations.

Nicholas Perfili :

Good afternoon and thank you for participating in today’s Ask Fairfax! online discussion.  My name is Nick Perfili and I am Fairfax County’s Dulles Rail Project Planner.  Joining me is Christy Wegener, Operations and Planning Manager for Fairfax Connector and Mark Canale, Fairfax County’s Dulles Rail Project Manager.  We hope to answer as many questions as possible about the rail project as well as Fairfax Connector’s proposed Silver Line, Phase 1 bus service plan.  Bus service to and from the future Silver Line stations will be an important part of the transportation system in Fairfax County.

We have received many inquiries about pedestrian and bicycle oriented projects near the Silver Line.  A website with maps and information detailing Metrorail station access improvement projects in the Reston and Tysons areas was recently added to the county’s Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project website.  Visit and find links to the Reston and Tysons information under “Project Information.”

Finally, visit for a comprehensive overview of the Silver Line, Phase 1 Fairfax Connector bus service proposal and information about upcoming public meetings and ways to comment.

With that we will begin answering your questions.

Al : I live off Fairfax County Parkway on Sugarland Valley Dr. and work in DC. I currently park at the Herndon Monroe lot and ride the 980/950 buses to and from West Falls Church to connect with the orange line. I go to work on the first bus, leaving H/M at 4:39 AM each morning. My understanding is that with phase I of the silver line, service is going to change in a couple of ways. Buses from H/M will start going to the Reston station instead of West Falls Church with the first run leaving H/M at 5:00 AM which would give me a much later start to my work day. I also understand that H/M is going to become a pay lot. So, my commute on the silver line will be less convenient and will cost me more. This seems like an incentive to start driving to work. To support ridership on the silver line, what are the chances of getting bus service to pickup and drop off along Fairfax County Parkway, and an earlier start of the day on the silver line? Thanks, Al

Christin Wegener : Good afternoon, Al. Thank you for your request for bus service along Fairfax County Parkway; we will consider your comments.  The first 980 bus will leave the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride early enough to meet the first train leaving from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station – most likely around the same time that you currently catch the 980.  At this time, Metro does yet not have a train schedule for the Silver Line, but we suspect the first train will depart around 5:00am.   Herndon Monroe will not be a pay lot until Phase 2 of the Silver Line opens, when it transitions to a rail station.

Laura Montebello : I plan to take the new Silver Line to the Tysons II mall. Will there be a connection from one of the new metro stations? Which station will be closest to Tysons II? Thank you.

Nicholas Perfili : Hi Laura.  Tysons Corner Station (formerly station name: Tysons Central 123) will be closest to the Tysons Galleria (Tysons II).  Sidewalks will be in place along Tysons Blvd.  From Tysons Blvd., Tysons II is across Galleria Drive.

Anonymous User : It looks as though the 599 bus route will be leaving from the Reston Metro Station. Since it is doubtful anyone taking the metro will need to connect to this bus, is it possible to change it to a park & ride that is free to park in? The bus is $15 a day RT, and adding another daily parking charge will be expensive for a daily commute.

Christin Wegener : Thank you for your question. When the Reston East P&R was closed in April 2011, we moved the 595 and 597 routes to the Reston North P&R temporarily to allow for construction of the Wiehle Garage. When the Silver Line is operational, the Pentagon and Crystal City Express bus (proposed Route 599) will be transitioned to operate out of the new garage, contingent upon Board approval. The Reston North P&R will remain open and within a short walking distance of the new Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station. Patrons of proposed Route 599 can continue to park at that lot and walk to the Wiehle-Reston East parking garage to avoid the daily parking fee. Shifting the route to the garage also allows for passengers to utilize a local bus to transfer to Route 599.

Anonymous User : Are any busses in Centreville going to be routed to the Reston Silver Line Metro Station? I'm particularly interested in bus routes in western Centerville. Thank you.

Christin Wegener : There are no plans for a bus from Centreville to Reston in the Silver Line Phase 1 Bus Service Plan; However, we have received several comments about providing this north-south connection, and we are studying opportunities to provide this service at some point in the near future.  We anticipate a Centreville to Reston service may be feasible when the Stringfellow Road Park and Ride expansion is complete in 2015, depending on funding. In addition, we will be looking to implement more north-south service when Phase 2 of the Silver Line opens.

Scott : Is there an estimation for the time it will take to travel from the station at Wiehle to Vienna? Right now I travel sometimes from Vienna to West Falls Church and take a 505 or 952 bus.

Nicholas Perfili : Scott- travel time between the Vienna and Wiehle stations is estimated at 32 minutes.  The 32 minute estimate does not include wait time associated with an across-the-platform transfer between Orange and Silver line trains at East Falls Church Station.

Zelda : I take the RIBS 4 from the stop at Wiehle and Weatherstone. It appears that my area will no longer have any non rush hour service unless the optional Route 558 service is implemented. Is this correct?

Christin Wegener : That is correct.  Proposed Route 558 will provide you midday and evening service.  Route 558 is proposed in the base plan and will be implemented with the start of the Silver Line Metrorail Service, contingent on Board approval. There are also weekend services on route 558 that the Board may elect to implement with additional funding.

South Reston Commuter : Will there be bus service on Glade Dr, East of Colts Neck Dr, other that route 559? Having to wait 40 minutes for a bus is totally inadequate.

Christin Wegener : Hi South Reston Commuter. Route 553 is proposed to provide weekday rush hour service at an 18-minute headway to Glade Drive, east of Colts Neck Drive.  Proposed Route 559 will provide midday and late night service to this same area.

Janet : How far into DC will the new Silver Line go?

Nicholas Perfili : Hi Janet.  Phase 1 Silver Line service will operate between Wiehle and Largo Town Center stations.

Silver Line trains will share tracks with Orange Line trains between East Falls Church and Court House.  Silver Line trains will share tracks with Blue and Orange line trains between Rosslyn and Stadium-Armory and then continue along today's Blue Line to Largo Town Center Station.  For more information on Metro's Silver Line Operation Plan visit

Sue Colyer : Hi, I am on staff at St John Neumann Catholic Church located at 11900 Lawyers Road in Reston. We have a bus stop in front of our church. We would like to know if service will be extended to weekends and will daily service continue? Any information would be helpful for our planning purposes. Thanks you

Christin Wegener : Hi Sue. There is optional weekend service (see options for proposed Route 559) that is proposed to run along Lawyers Road on the weekends.  Optional services are not funded in the base service plan, but are services that could be implemented if the Board approves additional funding.  In the base plan, proposed Route 557 will provide rush hour directional service (toward the Wiehle-Reston East Station in the AM and from the Station in the PM) and proposed Route 559 will provide midday and evening service along this segment of Lawyers Road. Hope this helps.

Gerald Parks : Thank you for taking questions online. I commute now between the Sunset Hills park and ride (route 555) and Rosslyn. (1) Will I need to transfer between Orange and Silver trains in Falls Church? (2) Does the county have an estimate of commute time between Wiehle and Rosslyn?

Christin Wegener : Thank you for your questions. The answer to your first question is no - you will have a one seat ride on the Silver Line between Wiehle-Reston East and Rosslyn. Second - the estimated rail running time between Wiehle-Reston East and Rosslyn on the Silver Line is 33 minutes.

Pentagon rider (question 3) : This is a question about the Wiehle parking garage. How many spaces will be available for parking? What will the cost of parking be?

Nicholas Perfili : The park and ride garage at Wiehle will include 2,300 public parking spaces.  Fairfax County will own and maintain this garage while we are partnering with Metro to operate the facility.  Patrons will be able to pay for parking using SmarTrip cards.  The cost to park per day is expected to be the same as other end of line stations in the county, $4.75 all day. 

Norm M. : What day will Phase I of the Silver Line officially open?

Nicholas Perfili : Silver Line, Phase 1 passenger service is expected to begin in late December 2013.  Metro will determine the actual start of revenue operations. 

Norm M. : How will bus service from the Ashburn areas to the Whiele Avenue Station operate? What company will be operating the buses?

Christin Wegener : Hi Norm. For service between Ashburn and the Wiehle-Reston East Station, you should contact Loudoun County Transit Services. They should be able to answer your question.

Anonymous User : I live near Chain Bridge/Route 123 intersection and am looking forward to the opening of the silver line. Will there be bus service to and from this area?

Christin Wegener : Hello. For service between Chain Bridge/Route 123 and the Silver Line, please see our proposed Route 721.

Wiehle station access : Hi. I attended the Silver Line meeting at Hunters Woods a few weeks ago. One of the questions I wanted to ask is how Metro riders will walk to access the escalators on the south side of the toll road closest to Sunrise Valley Drive. I live near Sunrise Valley and can probably walk there faster than taking one of the buses. John Hixon, Reston

Nicholas Perfili : Hi John.  Thanks for writing in.  Access to the south side station entrance pavilion at Wiehle is available via an existing path along the north side of Sunrise Valley Drive and sidewalks along the west side of Wiehle Avenue and the Wiehle Avenue exit ramp.  Four bus shelters and bike racks and lockers will be installed at Wiehle south. 

Rob Whitfield : I see no mention of proposed RIBS 4 bus service changes from North Reston. Will RIBS 4 serve Wiehle Avenue Metrorail station or will service be maintained only to Reston Town Center? Fairfax Connector bus stop signs do not show route numbers or days or hours of operation. Why not? For under $100 per stop you could place stickers (like auto registration stickers) showing route numbers, days of operation and where only limited hours show something like AM Rush only. Better to show more specific times. eg. 6.30 to 8.30 AM and 4.30 to 6.30 PM M to F.

Christin Wegener : Hi Rob. In our proposal, we are recommending RIBS 4 be extended to the Wiehle-Reston East Station during rush hour periods Monday thru Friday. I will take your suggestions for our bus stop displays back to our bus stop coordinating group for their consideration. Thank you!

Norm M. : What is the latest status of Phase II of the Silver Line? When will construction start? When will it be completed?

Nicholas Perfili : The contract for Phase 2 is expected to be in May 2013 with substantial completion in summer 2018 and passenger service in mid to late 2018.

Anonymous User : Will frequency of service on the 505 be increased to accomodate the elimination of route 555?

Christin Wegener : Hello. The frequency of service between Reston Town Center and the Wiehle-Reston East Station is proposed to be every 10 minutes. This would represent an increase in current Route 505 service levels.

Mary H. : Has FCDOT started planning for taking the Orange Line from Vienna out to Fair Oaks or Stringfellow Rd? Can planning happen prior to finishing the Silver Line?

Nicholas Perfili : Hi Mary.  Planning for an Orange Line extension west of Vienna is not part of the Silver Line project.  For information about potential multi-modal improvements along I-66 in Fairfax County visit on the Virginia Department of Transportation's website. 

RT 7 : Will there be parking areas for the stop on Rt 7 by Greensboro Rd?

Nicholas Perfili : Hello Route 7 commuter.  Spring Hill Station will include a kiss and ride facility in the northwest corner of the Leesburg Pike/Spring Hill Road intersection.  A kiss and ride facility will also be available at McLean Station. 

not available : Where will the express bus routes be running to Tyson's? Not the circular of Tyson's but the ones from around the area like Burke and Springfield. Will there be a bus from Springfield Mall to Tyson's? Is there a layout of the bus stops on the county web site?

Christin Wegener : Hello. At this time, we are not proposing to run any express buses to Tysons from Reston or Herndon; however, we are considering running a route to Tysons from the Stringfellow Park-and-Ride when that lot is expanded in 2015. This would be similar to the new services that are operating from Burke, Springfield, and Lorton. Currently, you can take Express Route 494 between Franconia-Springfield Metro and Tysons; it will likely take a bus transfer from a local route (TAGS, Route 401/402, etc.) for you to get between the Springfield Mall and the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station. I will take your suggestion about a County-wide bus stop map to our bus stop group and website manager.

Rail Rider : How much is the MetroRail fare going to be from the Reston-Wiehle station to Metro Center (peak and off-peak)? How frequently will the MetroRail trains run at Wiehle (peak and off-peak)? How many day-use parking spaces are available at the Reston-Wiehle station? Is this projected to be enough, or is the parking lot projected to totally fill up every morning?

Nicholas Perfili : Rail rider- We have been working closely with Metro staff on various elements of Silver Line planning, including travel time and Metrorail fares.  Metrorail fares have not been finalized, however it is expected that travel from Wiehle to Rosslyn or stations east of Rosslyn will cause patrons to reach the maximum rail fare of $5.75 during weekday peak periods.  The park and ride garage at Wiehle will accommodate up to 2,300 vehicles.  This does not include other parking spaces at park and ride lots in the Reston and Herndon areas, including Reston South and Herndon-Monroe.

Al : Please keep the first run for the 950 bus from Herndon Monroe to West Falls Church unchanged. This would give early morning commuters continued access to the Metro, so they can continue to maintain their current work schedules. The first run of the 950 currently arrives at West falls Church in time for the first run of the orange line. My understanding is that the first bus to the silver line will depart Herndon Monroe at 5:00 AM, 21 minutes after the first run of the 950's current schedule. We have made commitments to keep our schedules based on existing service. An introduction of new Metro service should not cause us to be unable to keep our current schedules. Please help us continue to keep our commitments. Thanks, Al

Christin Wegener : Hi Al. Thank you for your suggestion on maintaining early morning service to West Falls Church. We are planning on scheduling proposed Route 980 to meet the first train on the Silver Line, and will most likely do the same with proposed Route 950. This would mean an early morning departure from Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride around 4:30-4:40AM. We expect the first Silver Line train to depart around 5:00AM. Hope this helps.

Anonymous User : Why is RIBS Saturday service being reduced from every thirty minutes to sixty minutes?

Christin Wegener : We apologize for the confusion. We've corrected the information online, which now reflects the 30-minute Saturday level of service on the RIBS routes. Thank you.

DBS : Are there any plans to run a North/South bus route in the West Ox Road/Reston Parkway corridor? Stops at Fair Oaks Mall and the hospital would make sense to me.

Nicholas Perfili : DBS- Fairfax Connector Route 605 currently operates along West Ox Road and Reston Parkway between Ox Trail and Bluemont Way.  Route 605 buses serve Fair Oaks Mall, Fair Oaks Hospital, the Fair Lakes and Government Center areas, and Reston Town Center Transit Station. 

Mike AJ : Is there a pedestrian walkway between Mclean Staion and Tysons Corner Station all along 123? and when will these stations start operating? Thanks

Nicholas Perfili : Hi Mike.  A sidewalk is planned to make the connection along Route 123 between McLean and Tysons Corner stations.  For more information on this planned project, log on to and see project #31.

Anonymous User : Why would you propose the 927 route for elimination? It will take the combination of 929/950/985 for me to get to my office if you do. In the evenings, the last stop of the 985 before turning onto Centreville Road is a long walk to catch the 950 in front of Shoppers. It's dangerous to cross Centreville Road. The presentation materials for the April meetings don't address the 950 route being needed nor does it address how River Birch and Coppermine south of Centreville Road will be served. It is clear the planners don't understand the multiple ways the 927 route is used for both residential and business users. Eliminating 927 service does nothing to enhance service and even penalizes non-Metro riders, including those that board along Frying Pan Road. Please review the TDP for Phase 1 - 927 was NOT proposed for elimination. Why now? What does it take to keep this route in its current configuration? What will make the county listen? Feedback was given at the February meeting that riders would like 927 to be bi-directional all day; especially if riders have to go all the way to Wiehle-Reston to just get around in Herndon - the bi-direction would alleviate the Wiehle-Reston component for many. Many would ride if Saturday and Sunday service were added - if the budget allowed. How did these comments result in the proposed elimination of 927 entirely? Even with attending the public meeting, the Connector didn't listen to the ridership! Don't know that attending the April one and emails will get the Connector's attention either. The 929 and 985 don't really replace the 927 and certainly don't reflect the usage patterns of the riders. When there's a two hour delay for federal offices and 929 stops before then, what are riders supposed to do? With the 927 at least everyone can still get to work. Please keep the 927 in its current configuration. Help!!!!!

Christin Wegener : Thank you for your comments. We've heard from several people that our proposal for the elimination of the 927, to be covered by proposed routes 985 and 929, does not work. We are currently looking at options to modify our proposal to maintain service to Coppermine and River Birch, as well as connect to Herndon-Monroe Park-and-Ride. We most likely will post our revised proposal online late April or very early May.

Blue Line Rider : Since the Blue Line will be most negatively affected, does Metro have any plans to make ALL Blue Line Trains 8 cars during rush hour? If not, why not?

Nicholas Perfili : Blue Line rider- please contact Metro at with your Blue Line suggestion.

Shirlington Bus Station. : Will there be a bus between one of the Silver Line Stations in Tysons and the Shirlington Bus Station in Arlington? Thank you.

Nicholas Perfili : Shirlington- for transit service between Tysons and Shirlington I recommend a combination of Silver Line and Arlington County ART bus service.  ART bus route 77 connects Shirlington with Court House Station.  Court House Station will be served by both Orange and Silver Line trains once Phase 1 service begins. 

Scott : Transfers from the Orange Line to the Silver are done at East Falls Church? Will bus service go to Sunset Hills road from West Falls Church?

Christin Wegener : Hi Scott. The first transfer point between the Silver and Orange Lines is East Falls Church, but you can transfer between the two lines at any station between East Falls Church and Stadium-Armory. Our proposal includes bus service between the Wiehle-Reston East Station and Sunset Hillhs. From West Falls Church to Sunset Hills, you'd have to first transfer from the Orange Line to the Silver Line at East Falls Church, then to a bus (proposed routes 505, 507, 952, RIBS 4) to get to Sunset Hills Road.

Dave : Can you provide time estimates from the Tyson stations to Rosslyn?

Nicholas Perfili : Dave-- Travel time between Tysons Corner and Rosslyn stations is estimated to be 22 minutes on the Silver Line.

Dan : I am confused by the presentation of the information on the website. It seems that route 599 is in both the proposed in the revenue-neutral Silver Line bus service plan and in optional Silver Line bus service plan; so is route 599 funded and included as part of the base plan? What is the difference/why is route 599 posted in both? As a bike/bus commuter the Fairfax Connector express service from Reston to Pentagon/Crystal City is essential for me, as WMATA does not permit bicycles on board the trains during peak commuting hours and I need my bicycle on both ends (home and work).

Christin Wegener : I apologize for the confusion. Proposed Route 599 is funded in our base plan, providing approximately 7 AM and 7 PM daily trips between Wiehle-Reston East and the Pentagon/Crystal City. We have an option to add more trips on this route if the Board approves additional funding, which is why you see the route in both the base plan and optional pages on the website. I hope this helps.

Anonymous User : What will be the estimated travel time on the silver line from the Reston Station to the L'Enfant Plaza?

Nicholas Perfili : Estimated travel time for a trip from Wiehle-Reston East to L' Enfant Plaza is 45 minutes.  (Thanks goes to Metro staff for sharing draft Silver Line travel time estimates.)

Anonymous User : What type of bike storage facilities will be offered at the Tyson stations?

Nicholas Perfili : Depending on the station in Tysons there will be bike racks and/or bike lockers.  In Reston, a secure bike room and bike racks will be available at Wiehle north; bike racks and lockers will be available at Wiehle south.

Nadeem : First and Foremost - Thank You goes to all the Planners, Designers, Engineers and the especially the workers who worked in all kinds of weather on finishing this project. Here's my question - Once the Wiehle Metro Station is open coming back to Herndon after work - Will there be buses that will take passengers from the Wiehle Metro to Herndon Monroe Park and Ride? If so. How often will the buses travel from the Wiehle Metro Station to Herndon Monroe Park and Ride.

Christin Wegener : Hi Nadeem. Thank you for recognizing all the hard work that has gone into this project. There will definitely be bus service between the Wiehle-Reston East Station and the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride. Our current proposal provides for a bus approximately every five minutes between those two points.

Anonymous User : Will there be walking/bicycle paths that will connect the Pimmit Hills neighborhood to the McLean station? I believe they were considering some paths through the Westgate Park/Mitre property that would make the station much more accessible to Pimmit Hills residents. But I worry that those plans have been set aside.

Nicholas Perfili : Information about pedestrian and bicycle connections is now online.  See project lists and maps for the Reston and Tysons areas at under "Project Information."

Tysons Engineer : It seems like poor planning that while the train will run late night hours that bus service within North Tysons, where thousands of residents live, will end hours before the train does. Why cant hours be extended for just a single bus a couple of extra hours to provide service to North Tysons on late nights? There are many 20 and 30 somethings living in this neighborhood at Avalon, Park Crest, Rotonda, Post, and Lillian Court and the neighborhood is outside of the typical 1/2 mile walking distance to the station

Christin Wegener : Hi Tysons Engineer. Thank you for your comments on late night service in Tysons. We will continue to consider adding late night trips as we finalize our service plan over the next few weeks.

Anonymous User : What's the plan for Herndon Monroe Park and Ride after the Silver Line first phase is complete?

Nicholas Perfili : The existing Herndon-Monroe garage will remain available as a free park and ride when Phase 1 Silver Line service begins.  As part of Phase 2 an additional parking garage will be constructed.  Parking fees will be charged once Phase 2 passenger service begins.

Beth : I heard something about shuttle buses in the area of the Greensboro-Westpark station. Are there proposed routes available yet?

Nicholas Perfili : Part of the Silver Line, Phase 1 Fairfax Connector bus service plan includes three Tysons circulator routes, 422, 423, and 424.  More information on these proposed routes is available at

Anonymous User : Hello, I plan to take a bus from Reston South to Wiehle Metro and have the following questions: (1) there appears to be no express service from Reston South to Wiehle. Instead, the bus routes all seem to make stops in between the two. Please confirm. (2) How long do you approximate the bus ride will be between Reston South and Wiehle? (3) The time between buses seems rather long for each individual bus (i.e., 15 min, 18 min). Are the buses going to be staggered? If so, how long do you approximate we will wait for a bus? Thanks.

Christin Wegener : Hello. Our proposal does not have limited or non-stop service between Reston South and the Wiehle-Reston East Station. The quickest way to get from Reston South to Wiehle-Reston East is via proposed Route 585, which travels along Reston Parkway. The other proposed routes, specifically routes 553 and 557, travel along Glade and Lawyers Road, and may take a bit longer as they will have more stops. We anticipate that, via proposed Route 585, it will take about 15-20 minutes to get to the Wiehle-Reston East Station. Lastly, we will stagger the buses to provide the most frequent service possible from common areas like Reston South. We expect that service between Reston South and Wiehle-Reston East will be provided approximately every 10 minutes during rush hour on weekdays.

Anonymous User : The HOT Lanes have offered weekends with no tolls to encourage people to use the new lanes. When Silver Line bus routes are operational, will Fairfax Connector be considering a similar opportunity for new riders?

Christin Wegener : Thanks for that great suggestion. We are currently developing our marketing plan and will be looking for new and innovative ways to encourage people to try our bus service. If you have any additional suggestions, please email: Thanks!

Anonymous User : Reston Town Center is a great place, but I'm worried the next phase of the Silver Line won't connect the town center with the rail line in a freindly, walkable way. Can you talk about the plans for RTC and the Silver Line. Thanks.

Nicholas Perfili : Information on Reston Area Metrorail Station Access Improvement Projects is available online at  If you have questions about projects in the Reston area you may contact 703-877-5600 and ask to speak with pedestrian program staff.

Pentagon rider : Good afternoon. I would appreciate it if us Pentagon and Crystal City passengers could get a straight answer on what exaclty will happen with the 595 and 597 bus routes. Whoever is planning this is doing a terrible job. From just this week, at a meeting in Reston I heard about the routes being combined. At a meeting in Herndon my wife was told there would be trips on 595, 597 and 599. Which is it? And why is this so difficult to know? Why are our routes being cut when they are supposedly paid for with our bus fare and well used?

Christin Wegener : I apologize for the confusion. Our current proposal calls for the combination of those routes into proposed Route 599, where the bus would first stop at the Pentagon and then travel through Crystal City. We are projecting to operate approximately 7-AM and 7-PM trips per day on this route. We have an option for this route that would provide additional trips when the route experiences its highest ridership, and those trips would be specific to either the Pentagon or Crystal City; however, that service will require additional funding. I hope this helps.

Mary S. : Is there an estimate of the time it will take to ride the new Metro line from Wiehle Avenue to the Rosslyn station? Will we have new trains on the Silver Line?

Nicholas Perfili : Mary- the estimated travel time between Rosslyn and Wiehle is 33 minutes.  When Silver Line, Phase 1 service begins, patrons will see rail cars from Metro's existing fleet (the 1000-, 2000-, 3000-, 4000-, 5000-, and 6000-series rail cars).  Once the new 7000-series Metrorail cars arrive they will be used across the Metrorail system, not exclusively on the Silver Line. 

K Condello : If the bus plans are not yet finalized, when do you expect that to happen?

Christin Wegener : That's a great question. We are planning to present our service plan to the Board for consideration in June 2013. We expect to have schedules finalized by October 2013.

Jim : is there any plan to add bus service between the reston town center bus terminal and the reston silver line station.

Christin Wegener : Hi Jim. Absolutely - We are planning 10-minute service between the Reston Town Center Transit Station and the Wiehle-Reston East Station on weekdays.

Anonymous User : I currently ride the 927 to get to work, etc... I heard that you all will be getting rid of this line. Is this true? Will there be another bus that will go along this route?

Christin Wegener : Hello. Based on the feedback we have received this week, we still have some work to do our proposal for Route 927. However, depending on where you start your commute, you may be able to use our Proposed Route 985. I encourage you to review that route proposal on our website and see if it meets your commuting needs.

Anonymous User : Will there be a bus from Herndon to the new Reston station?

Nicholas Perfili : Good afternoon.  Fairfax Connector is proposing several bus routes to connect Wiehle-Reston East Station to and from Herndon-Monroe (924, 926, 950, 980, 981).  In addition, the Connector proposal includes connections on Herndon routes 924 and 926.

Anonymous User : Once the Silver Line becomes operational, I understand the 950 Fairfax Connector will go to the Wiehle-Reston East Station. However, it looks like service will go from every 10 minutes to every 30 minutes. Can this possibly be correct?!

Christin Wegener : I apologize. We are going to be updating our information online to reflect the proposal for Route 950, which is to operate the route every 15-minutes during rush hour on weekdays. You are correct that the route will be realigned to serve the Wiehle-Reston East Station. Current service levels on Route 950 are approximately every 20-30 minutes.

Route 605 : Any chance of adding more frequent service to Route 605, which is currently every 60 minutes? It would also be nice to have a later southbound trip in the evenings - the current last bus leaves RTC a little after 8:00. Thanks!

Christin Wegener : Thanks for your question. I'll take your comments on Route 605 service levels back to our service planner for consideration.

Anonymous User : Where will people park along the Silver Line, specifically in Tysons Corner? I heard that there will be busses from the parking lots to the metro station... is this true?

Nicholas Perfili : The rail project is constructing 2,300 commuter parking spaces at Wiehle-Reston East Station.  No commuter parking is being constructed by the rail project in the Tysons area.  Fairfax Connector is proposing several new bus routes in the Tysons area ( while Metrobus routes 2T; 3T; 15M; 23A,T; 28A,X ( will connect surrounding communities to Tysons stations. 

RJ : Is 980 going to go directly to Reston Station and what will be the route. Because if this goes from internal road, it will increase travel time as compared to going to West Falls church ?

Christin Wegener : Our proposal has Route 980 operating on the Toll Road to the Wiehle-Reston East Station.

Dave : When will the interim parking options be announce? Buses will not serve many of the surrounding neighborhoods requiring many residents to cross Tysons to Dunn Loring or West Falls Church metro stations in order to park and travel by train into DC.

Nicholas Perfili : The county is in the process of identifying interim parking solutions in Tysons but does not have a final plan at this time.  County Department of Transportation staff continue to evaluate interim parking proposals.

Anonymous User : Is there a place to find what has changed between the initial plan and the one you're presenting now?

Christin Wegener : There isn't, but we can post something online next week. Thanks for the great suggestion.

MM : What is the estimated travel time between Wiehle and EFC?

Christin Wegener : Hello. Metro is projecting 21 minutes between Wiehle-Reston East and East Falls Church on the Silver Line.

Chris : I live in Reston and work in DC. I take both Fairfax Connector and the Orange line to and from work and it is as convenient as it can possibly be however I was wondering if/when there will be a new bus schedule put forth. I currently take the 553 bus route and I hope that the new bus plan is as convenient as it is now. Thank you.

Nicholas Perfili : Chris-
You will still have a bus connection, but the service will take you to Wiehle-Reston East Station instead of West Falls Church.  Depending on your location along the 553 route, you will take either proposed Route 507 or Route 553 to Wiehle.  From Wiehle you will be able to ride Silver Line trains as far east as Largo Town Center, passing through Ballston, Rosslyn, Metro Center, L' Enfant Plaza, and Stadium-Armory stations.

See the Silver Line, Phase 1 bus service proposal online ( for more information.

Anonymous User : In response to an earlier question you mention a "secure bike room." Can you tell me what that is. Thanks.

Nicholas Perfili : The north side of Wiehle-Reston East Station will include a secure bike room which will be similar to Metro's secure bike room ("Bike & Ride") at College Park Station on the Green Line.  More information about Metro's College Park Station Bike & Ride is online at

Christin Wegener : Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this round of Ask Fairfax! discussing the Silver Line, Phase 1 update. We want to extend a special thank you to our partners at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for providing us with draft Silver Line information. If your specific question was not answered during this chat session, we encourage you to attend one of the remaining four public meetings to discuss the Silver Line, Phase 1 Bus Service Plan. As always, you can email us at, or contact us via Facebook and Twitter, to submit your comments or ask questions. Thank you.