Boards, Authorities and Commissions - Government - Fairfax County, Virginia

Purpose: Responsible for the general administration and proper operation of the Fairfax County Convention & Visitors Corporation.
Terms: 3 years
Number of Seats: 26
Membership: Twenty-six (26) members: All members, with the exception of the five ex-officio members, shall have relevant experience or expertise in tourism promotion or in marketing, advertising, financial management, business development, or operation of a tourism of hospitality facility - Ten (10) members appointed by each Supervisor; Two (2) members who are nominated by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and confirmed by the BOS; Nine (9) members who are nominated and voted for by the FCCVC Board of Directors and confirmed by the BOS; and Five (5) nonvoting ex officio members who are: County Executive; President of the Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO of the WAA, President & CEO of the EDA, and the President and CEO of the FCCVC. 9/17/08 revised MOU changed to 2 members by the Chamber of Commerce and 9 members by the board of Visit Fairfax.
Meeting Info: TBD
Staff Info: Barry H. Biggar, President and CEO, Fairfax County Convention & Visitors Corporation

Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Claude Andersen
Mr. Ken Balbuena
Mr. Barry H. Biggar
Ms. Sherri Cooper
Mr. Jon E. Davenhall
Ms. Trish Drews
Mr. Marc Fournier
Mr. Gerald L. Gordon
Ms. Sondra Seba Hemenway
Mr. Bryan Hill
Mr. Sean Hunt
Mr. Rajesh Khubchandani
Mr. Kevin Kretsch
Mr. William D. Lecos
Mr. Arvind Manocha
Mr. Morgan Maravich
Mr. Robert H. Maurer
Mr. Sam Misleh
Ms. Marion Myers
Mr. Robert Shenk
Dr. Sue Slocum
Mr. Michael W. Thompson, Jr.
Ms. Holly Williamson