Boards, Authorities and Commissions - Government - Fairfax County, Virginia

Purpose: To advise the Board of Supervisors with regard to the appropriate provisions of Virginia Code Section 46.2-1233.2 effective July 1, 2006.
Terms: 3 years
Number of Seats: 6
Membership: Five (5) voting members - Two (2) Towing members; Two (2) Local Law Enforcement members; One (1) Citizen member; and One (1) Citizen alternate. All shall be residents of Fairfax County.
Meeting Info: Meetings are held at the Government Center.
Staff Info: Carl Newcomb
Consumer Protection Division, Department of Cable and Consumer Services
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. John Theodore Fee
Mr. Alvin C. Leach, Jr.
Sergeant Harold E. Morris
Master Police Officer Sean P. Regan
Mr. Fred Scheler
Ms. Denver Supinger