Boards, Authorities and Commissions - Government - Fairfax County, Virginia

Purpose: To Provide policy level recommendations to the BOS on matters related to the development and expansion of the County's economy.
Terms: 3 years
Number of Seats: 70
Membership: 70 seats: Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the BOS Economic Advisory Committee shall serve as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Commission. 12 Fairfax County Residents; one from each district, 3 At-Large Chairman's Representatatives; 3 from the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce (formerly Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce); 1 EDA rep; 1 Convention & Visitors Corporation Board of Directors; 1 Redevelopment and Housing Authority Rep; one rep. from the following: Planning commission, NOVA Community College, NOVA Technology Council, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authortiy, Washington Airports Task Force, Center for Innovative Technology, NOVA Building Industry, National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, George Mason University, Herndon Town Council, Vienna Town Council, Clifton Town Council. County Executive, Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools, President of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, President of Economic Development Authority, President of the Fairfax County Convention & Visitors Bureau and a representative from the Small Business Commission. All BOS Members added to Commission - 2/23/09. The Board added one At-Large to the Membership on 2/26/13. The Board added 20 At-Large seats on 9/20/16.
Meeting Info: TBD
Staff Info: Vance Zavela, Partnership Developer,
Department of Economic Initiatives
Board Website:
Current Membership: The Honorable Walter L. Alcorn
Mr. David Baker
Mr. Barry H. Biggar
Mr. Dominic Bonaiuto
Dr. Scott Brabrand
Ms. Janice D. Brangman
Mr. Mark Carrier
Mr. Anthony Chang
Mr. Taylor Chess
Terry Clower, Ph.D.
Ms. Julie Coons
Ms. Angelica Delboy
Pradip Dhakal
Ms. Sheila K. Dixon
Mr. William M. Drohan
Ms. Eileen Ellsworth
The Honorable John W. Foust
Ms. Kristina Francis
Mr. Paul A Gilbert
Mr. Sol Glasner
The Honorable Penelope Gross
Ms. Luanne S. Gutermuth
Ms. Kelly Pride Hebron
The Honorable Patrick S. Herrity
Mr. Michael Hewitt
Mr. Bryan Hill
The Hon. William R. Holloway
Mr. Victor Hoskins
Mr. Todd R. House
Mr. Thomas Dana Kauffman
Mr. Evan Kaufman
Mr. Stephen Keat
The Honorable Edythe F. Kelleher
Lenore S. Kelly, Esquire
Ms. Esther C. Lee
The Honorable Rodney L. Lusk
Mr. Robert J. Makheja
Mr. Sean Mallon
Mr. John McGranahan
The Honorable Jeffrey C. McKay
Mr. Kevin McNulty
Mr. Phillip A. Niedzielski-Eichner
The Honorable Dalia A. Palchik
The Honorable Steve Potter
Mr. James Quigley
Mr. T. J. Radtke
Mr. Kevin Reynolds
Shelton Rhodes, Ph.D.
Mr. Todd W. Rowley
Mr. Brian Schoeneman
Mr. Mohammad Siddique Sheikh
The Honorable Kathy Smith
Ms. Sharon O. Steele
The Honorable Daniel G. Storck
Ms. Julie M. Strandlie
Ms. Linda Sullivan
Ms. Jennifer Taylor
Mr. Alfred Thieme, Jr.
Mr. John H. Thillmann
Mr. James A. Tholen
The Honorable James R. Walkinshaw
Mr. Tom Weithman
Ms. Carol Welti
Mr. Brian Winterhalter
Mr. Frank W. Woodruff
Mr. Clifford L. Yee
Ms. Hillary Katherine Zahm
Mr. Edward V. Zaptin
Ms. Niki L. Zimmerman