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Purpose: To present an annual report to the District Commission on the transportation needs of the District and on the activities of the advisory board, and the advisory board shall present special reports on transportation matters as requested by the District Commission or the Board of Supervisors concerning taxes to be levied.
Terms: 4 Years
Number of Seats: 8
Membership: Six (6) members - three (3)members chosen by the Board of Supervisors from nominations submitted by the petitioners and three (3) members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Board should seek to achieve representation throughout the geographic area within the District and across the various property-types subject to the Special Tax (i.e. commerical, industrial, taxable leasehold interests). All members shall own or represent the owners of real property within the District zoned or used for commercial or industrial purposes.
Meeting Info: TBA
Staff Info: Martha Coello, Division Chief, Special Projects
Department of Transportation
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Michael J. Cooper
Mr. Kevin Dougherty
Mr. Jeffrey J. Fairfield
Mr. Randy S. Jaegle
Mr. Peter D. Johnston
Mr. Michael R. F. Rocks
Mr. Frederick Rothmeijer
Mr. Gregory W. Trimmer