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Purpose: Recognizing that housing is foundational for all, the purpose of the Council is to provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, consistent with the One Fairfax initiative, regarding the implementation and achievement of the Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan, County resource requirements identified in the annual Budget Guidance, any additional adopted affordable housing development or preservation guidance, as well as recommendations on overarching policies and programs that synthesize County efforts related to both housing affordability and homelessness.
Terms: Each Council member will serve a two-year term on alternating
Number of Seats: 36
Membership: None.
Meeting Info: The Committee as a whole will meet on a quarterly basis, and as needed.
Staff Info: Judith Cabelli, Department of Housing and Community Development
Department of Housing and Community Development
Board Website:
Current Membership: Ms. Molly Bensinger-Lacy
Ms. Marlene W. Blum
Mr. John Boylan
Mr. Nicholas Bracco
Mr. Eduardo Conde
Mr. Joe Fay
Ms. Michele Hymer Blitz
Mr. Richard J. Kennedy
Mr. Keary Kincannon
Ms. Michelle Krocker
Mr. David Levine
Mr. Ken McMillon
Ms. Gwendolyn Minton
Mr. Joseph Mondoro
Ms. Shelley Murphy
Mr. RJ Narang
Ms. Ava Nguyen
Ms. Mary Paden
Mr. Michael Perez, MPP
Gerald V. Poje, Ph.D.
Mr. Jon Smoot
Ms. Julie M. Strandlie
Mr. Richard C. Sullivan, Jr.
Dr. Eleanor M. Vincent
Ms. Kerrie Wilson
Dr. Stephen Woolf
Mr. Sardar A. Zaman