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Purpose: The purpose of the plans Examiner Program is to expedite the Department of Land Development Services' review of certain site and subdivision plans, and to improve the quality of plans being submitted. The purpose of the Advisory Plans Examiner Board is to make recommendation to the Board on the general operations of the program, on the qualification of those who may participate in the expedited processing procedure, on initial and continuing educational programs needed to qualify and maintain qualifications for such a program, and on the administration and operation of such a program. In addition, APEB shall submit recommendations to the Board of Supervisors as to those persons who meet the established qualifications for participation in the program, and APEB shall submit recommendations to the Board as to whether those persons who have previously qualified to participate in the program would be disqualified, suspended or otherwise disciplined.
Terms: 4 years
Number of Seats: 6
Membership: Six (6) members appointed by the Board of Supervisors - three (3)persons in private practice certified as licensed professional engineers or land surveyors, at least one of whom shall be a land surveyor certified pursuant to Va. Code, Section 54.1-408; one (1) person employed by the County; one (1) person employed by the Virginia Dept. of Transportation who shall serve as a non-voting advisory member; and one (1) citizen member who shall meet the qualifications provided in Va. Code Section 54.1-107. All members must be US citizens and residents of Va.
Meeting Info: Usually 1st Tuesday of every month @ 7:00 p.m. in Room 505, Pennino Bldg., 12011 Govt. Center Pkwy, Fairfax.
Staff Info: Nicola Mutesi
Land Development Services
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Paul B. Johnson
Mr. Gilbert Osei-Kwadwo
Mr. James H. Scanlon
Mr. Jeffrey J. Stuchel
Mr. Jeffery E. Vish, P.E.