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Purpose: To serve in an advisory capacity to the Shelter Director and the Board of Supervisors on issues relating to animal health and welfare. The Commission will serve to enhance the existing mission and goals of the agency, i.e., to promote responsible pet ownership, to reduce euthanasia and pet overpopulation, and to continue to maintain certification for Shelter Standards of Excellence.
Terms: 2 years
Number of Seats: 10
Membership: Ten (10) Fairfax County residents, one from each of the nine districts appointed by his/her respective Supervisor and one at-large member appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.
Meeting Info: 2nd Thursday of each month @ 7:30 p.m. Fairfax Animal Shelter, 4500 West Ox Road, Fairfax. [Note: According to the amended bylaws on 9/14/09, members are encouraged to volunteer in some capacity at the Animal Shelter. In addition, members must sign a statement that they have not been convicted of any crime or misdemeanor involving animal cruelty.]
Staff Info: Karen Diviney, Director
Department of Animal Sheltering
Board Website:
Current Membership: Ms. Carol Allin
Ms. Christina Anderson
Ms. Linda L. Bartlett
Mr. Philip S. Church, Jr.
Ms. Diane D'Arcy
Mr. Chester J. Freedenthal
Ms. Gina Marie Lynch
Mr. Harley A.J. Methfessel
Ms. Lucinda Stewart
Ms. Allison Volpert