Boards, Authorities and Commissions - Government - Fairfax County, Virginia

Purpose: To provide to the Board an independent means for determining the manner in which policies, programs, and resources authorized by the Board are being deployed by management consistent with the intent of the Board and in compliance with all appropriate statutes, ordinances, and directives.
Terms: 2 years
Number of Seats: 2
Membership: Two (2) private citizens appointed by the Board of Supervisors in addition to four members of the Board of Supervisors. The list of Board members can be found at: Only citizen members appear on this page.
Meeting Info: Usually 4 times per year in the Chairman's Office.
Staff Info: Jim Shelton, Auditor of the Board
Office of Financial and Program Audit
Board Website:
Current Membership: Lester A. Myers, Ph.D., J.D., CPA
Mr. Paul Svab