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Purpose: To hear and give decisions on all appeal cases brought before it. To hear and give decisions for variances and special use permits as provided in the ordinance. In addition the BZA is established to perform those duties as set forth in Va. Code Section 15.2-2309 and Fairfax County Code Section 19-202.
Terms: 5 years
Number of Seats: 7
Membership: Seven (7) Fairfax County residents appointed by the Circuit Court of Fairfax County.
Meeting Info: Board Auditorium - Wednesday mornings of each month beginning at 9:00 a.m. Generally a three or four week recess is taken in August/September.
Staff Info: Lorraine Giovinazzo, Clerk
Board of Zoning Appeals
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. V. Max Beard
Mr. John C. Cowherd
Ms. Karen L. Day
Mr. Paul W. Hammack, Jr, Vice Chairman
Mr. James R. Hart
Mr. John F. Ribble, III, Chairman
Mr. Thomas W. Smith, III