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Purpose: To represent public interest in improvement of personnel administration; to advise the Board of Supervisors, County Executive and Personnel Director in formulation of Policies. County Code Sections 3-1-7 through 3-1-10.
Terms: 2 years
Number of Seats: 12
Membership: Twelve (12) members who are qualified voters in the County who have broad experience in management of public affairs and who are in full agreement with the application of merit principles in public employment. At least three members of the Commission shall be male, three female, and three a member of a minority group. Members of the Commission shall hold no paid office or employment under the government of the County, or in any other public agency for which the Dept. of Human Resources provides personnel services in accordance with Fairfax County Code Section 3-1-1(c)(2), while serving as members of the Commission. No member, while serving, shall become a candidate for election to public office, nor shall any serving Commissioner be an officer in any organization which actively sponsors and works for the election of candidates to public office.
Meeting Info: TBD
Staff Info: Nicole Rawlings, Executive Director
Civil Service Commission
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Farzin Farzad
Mr. Jason Fong
Mr. Thomas Garnett, Jr.
Mr. John C. Harris, Jr.
Ms. Vanessa Jordan
Mr. Herbert C. Kemp
Mr. Patrick Morrison
Ms. Nancy Angland Rice
Ms. Sara J. Simmons
Mr. John Townes
Ms. Deborah A. Woolen