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Purpose: The board shall preserve and prevent the despoliation and destruction of wetlands within its jurisdiction while accommodating necessary economic development in a manner consistent with wetlands preservation. The objectives and procedures of the Fairfax County Wetlands Board (the Board or the Wetlands Board) are those set forth in Title 28.2, Chapter 13 of the Code of Virginia, (Virginia State Wetlands Act) and in Chapter 116 of the Code of Fairfax County (Wetlands Zoning Ordinance).
Terms: 5 years
Number of Seats: 8
Membership: Seven (7) members and at least one (1) alternate but not more than three (3). Two (2) at-large members; three (3) members appointed by Mt. Vernon Dist. Supervisor; one (1) member appointed by Lee District Supervisor; one (1) member appointed by Springfield District Supervisor; and one (1)alternate member. Members of the Board shall hold no other public office in the County except that they may be members of the local planning or zoning commission, directors of soil and water conservation boards, or local erosion commissions, the local Board of Zoning Appeals or the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance Exception Review Committee. Statement of Economic Interests Disclosure required. eff. 4/26/16 BOS Changes.
Meeting Info: Varies.
Staff Info: Katherine Hermann
Department of Planning and Development
Board Website:
Current Membership: John Collins
Mr. R. Dean Costello
Mr. Bert Cramer
Ms. Deana M. Crumbling
Mr. Douglas M. Kleine
Ms. Kimberly Vanness Larkin
Mr. Clyde Wilber