Boards, Authorities and Commissions - Government - Fairfax County, Virginia

Purpose: To provide technical and engineering advisory services to the Board of Supervisors. To thoroughly review the input data for the annual update of the Public Facilities Manual.
Terms: 3 years (DPWES & DPD At-pleasure)
Number of Seats: 20
Membership: Twenty (20) members - 4 citizen members; 1 representative from the following named organizations or types of organizations: No. Va. Reg. Council of the Va. Society of Professional Engineers; Va. Assoc. of Surveyors (Mt. Vernon Chptr); No. Va. Building Industry Assoc.; Northern Va. Dist.- VDOT; FFX Co. Fed. of Citizens Assoc.; FFX Bar Assoc.; League of Women Voters of the FFX Area; DPD; DPWES(tech. advisor/admin. member; DPWES (reg. member) No. Va. Chptr of Heavy Construction Contractors Assoc.; Va. Chptr. of Assoc. Builders & Contractors; No. Va. Soil & Water Conservation Dist.; Wash. Area Council of Engineering Lab.; Natl. Assoc. of Industrial Office Parks (No. Va. Chptr); and Engineers and Surveyors Institute.
Meeting Info: 1st Thurs of month, 2 p.m., Room 604, Herrity Bldg.
Staff Info: Thakur Dhakal
Land Development Services
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Paul Agutter, PE
Mr. Theodore D. Britt
Mr. James M. Clark
Mr. Chad Crawford
Mr. Thakur Dhakal
Mr. Paul B. Johnson
Mr. Ryan Johnson
Mr. Michael S. Kitchen, PE
Mr. Mark Liberati
Mr. Kevin Nelson
Dr. Robert L Norwood
Mr. Paul Noursi
Mr. Ned A. Poffenberger
Mr. Kevin Pullen, EIT
Mr. Seyed Asad Rouhi
Mr. Keith Sinclair
Mr. Bruce E. Titus