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Purpose: To provide advice to the Board based on an annual reevaluation of the experience of the administration and implementation of the provisions in Ch. 104 of the Code and Article 13 relating to vegetation preservation and planting; to provide leadership in developing an understanding of the objectives and methods of tree conservation; and to assist the Urban Forestry Branch in the development and maintenance of technical specifications and guidelines.
Terms: 3 years
Number of Seats: 15
Membership: Fifteen (15) members - ten (10) citizen members appointed by the Board of Supervisors with knowledge and experience in the field of arboriculture or related fields; and one member from: (1) Environmental Quality Advisory Council; (1) No. Va. Soil & Water Conservation Dist.; (1) Park Authority; (1) Va. Dept. of Extension and Continuing Education; and (1) Va. Department of Forestry.
Meeting Info: 3rd Thursday of every month in Room 122 of the Herrity Building from 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Dates and agenda can be found at:
Staff Info: Mr. Brian Keightley
Urban Forestry Management Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services
Board Website:
Current Membership: Ms. Laura L. Beaty
Ms. Jessica M. Bowser
Mr. John L. Burke
Ms. Karen T. Campblin
Ms. Brenda J. Frank
Mr. Richard J. Healy
Mr. Kevin Holland
Ms. Jeanne Kadet
Ms. Catherine C. Ledec
Bret William Leslie, Ph.D.
Mr. Jim McGlone
Mr. Jerry Peters
Ms. Cindy Speas
Mr. Cory A. Suter
Mr. Robert D. Vickers, Jr.