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Purpose: To advise the Board and Planning Commission regarding the proposed establishment, modification, renewal, continuation, and determination of agricultural and forestal districts. To render expert advice on the desirability of establishing such districts including advice as to the nature of farming and forestry and farm and forest resources within the proposed district and the relation of such activities to the entire County.
Terms: At-pleasure
Number of Seats: 10
Membership: Ten (10) members - four (4) landowners who are engaged in agricultural or forestal production; four (4) other landowers of the locality; one (1) the commissioner of revenue or the local government's chief property assessment officer; and one (1) member of the local governing body.
Meeting Info: Meetings are held in the Herrity Building, Room 704 at 4:30 p.m.
Staff Info: Ellen Huber
Department of Planning and Development - Planning Division
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Eric David Cox
Mr. Jaydeep R. Doshi
The Honorable John W. Foust
Mr. Stanley M. Franklin
Mr. Gifford R. Hampshire
Ms. Mariette Hiu Newcomb
Mr. Charles F. Nichols
Mr. Andrew A. Painter
Mr. Jeff M. Parnes
Kenneth J. Strafer, Ph.D.