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Purpose: To interest itself in all matters pertaining to the social welfare of the people served by the government; to monitor the formulation and implementation of social welfare programs; to meet with the Director of Social Services at least four times a year for the purpose of making recommendations on policy matters; to make an annual report to the governing body concerning the administration of the public welfare program; and to submit to the governing body other reports that the advisory body deems appropriate.
Terms: 4 years (limited to 2 full consecutive terms)
Number of Seats: 10
Membership: Ten (10) members - one from each district and one chairman's at-large.
Meeting Info: The Advisory Social Services Board (ASSB) meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m., locations vary. Please contact the ASSB administrative assistant at 703-324-7741 for more details.
Staff Info: Milena Saucedo
Children, Youth, and Families Division, Department of Family Services
Board Website:
Current Membership: Ms. Amrita Banerjee
Ms. Karen Darley
Ms. Alice Foltz
Dr. Nancy Dalton Hall
Mr. Ryan P. Karr
Ms. Larysa M. Kautz
Ms. Alisha Keirstead
Ms. Sarah Newman
Mr. Alan M. Schuman