Boards, Authorities and Commissions - Government - Fairfax County, Virginia

Purpose: To provide advice and assistance to the Department of Community and Recreation Services and other county operation of the youth basketball league in cooperation with the county.
Terms: 1 year
Number of Seats: 78
Membership: Sixty-eight (68) members who are confirmed by the Board of Supervisors including a Chairman, Commissioner, Boys and Girls Deputy Commissioners, Immediate Past President, Member At-Large, Parliamentarian, Publicity, Scheduler, Secretary, Treasurer, and various county/city and youth league representatives and their alternates.
Meeting Info: As called.
Staff Info: Christopher Pulley
Department of Neighborhood and Community Services
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Dan Allen
Mr. Mike Arrington
Mr. Steve Bergstrom
Mr. James Bosley
Mr. John Brennan
Mr. Jay Brigham
Mr. Grady Bryant
Mr. James Byrne
Mr. Charles Chandler
Mr. Chris Chipps
Mr. Scott Choate
Mr. Stew Clark
Dr. Frank DeLatour
Mr. Alex Eisenberg
Mr. Marvin J. Elliott
Mr. John Enders
Ms. Jasmine Faubert
Mr. Marcus Ferguson
Mr. Jeff Goettman
Mr. Adrian Gresham
Ms. Katie Hodge
Mr. Lezone Kenney
Mr. Andy Kim
Mr. David Kless
Mr. Dillon Lee
Mr. Donald Lee
Mr. Herb Marshall
Mr. Ben Matthews
Mr. Keefe Matthews
Mr. Pat McClanahan
Mr. Gerry Megas
Mr. Jason Murphy
Mr. James Passmore
Mr. Christopher Pulley
Mr. George Ragan
Mr. Phil Reed
Mr. Leo Resquin
Mr. Jimmy Ruby
Mr. Dave Scanlon
Mr. John Schmid
Mr. Bobby Seigle
Mr. Charles Shaw
Mr. E. J. Thomas
Mr. Tony Thomas
Mr. Kim V. Thompson, Sr.
Mr. Dave Vennergrund
Mr. Greg Williams