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Your Community, You're Connected


Your Community, You're Connected: 2019 Virginia Legislative Updates


What are the legislative updates that impact homeowners’ and condominium associations? What can we learn from the proposed bills that failed? What actions steps should volunteer board leaders consider as a result of some of the legislative changes? Tune to Fairfax County Government Channel 16 on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 7 pm for Your Community, You’re Connected:  2019 Virginia Legislative Update.


Michelle L. Thompson of the Fairfax County Consumer Affairs Branch; Lucia Anna (Pia) Trigiani, attorney and principal with the law firm of MercerTrigiani; and Paul Orlando, Vice President of the community management firm SFMC, Inc. will respond to your live calls and emails during the hour. To join the conversation, call 703-324-1114, email, tweet, or post your questions on the Fairfax County Consumer Affairs Branch Facebook page using #FFXYCYC during the live program.  (CC)


The first half of the program is dedicated to the topic of the evening. The second half of the program will be the COMMUNITY FORUM!  This is your opportunity to ask questions about any topic related to homeowners’ or condominium association management or living. Our guests will respond to as many of your questions as possible.


Can’t join us for the live program? Email your questions ahead of time to



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