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Your Community, You're Connected: Association Insurance

How often should an association board review its risk management plan? What are some best practices for managing insurance claims that involve the association’s master insurance policy? What does individual homeowners’ insurance cover? Tune to Fairfax County Government Channel 16 Tune to Fairfax County Government Channel 16 Monday at 8pm, Tuesday at 8am and 3pm, and Friday at 3pm for Your Community, You’re Connected:  Association Insurance.

Michelle L. Thompson of the Fairfax County Consumer Affairs Branch; Brendan Bunn, Attorney with Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn; and Douglas Henken, National Marketing Director with Community Association Underwriters of America, Inc., engage in a lively conversation on this topic as well as many other topics related to homeowner or condominium association management or living.

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