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Historic Fairfax Courthouse - Civil Motions Schedule

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Historic courtroomIn December 1799, a deed was recorded between Richard Ratcliffe and the trustees representing Fairfax County for four acres of land on which “the pleas of the County shall be held thereupon…” (Fairfax Deed Book B-2 page 373). By conducting Civil Motions in the Historic Courthouse once a month, the Circuit Court continues to use this location for its original purpose and enables the Fairfax Community members to watch public hearings in a major historic landmark. Using the Historic Courthouse for its intended purpose (ie: as a working courtroom) gives the Fairfax Bar and the greater Fairfax Community the full benefit of this wonderful piece of Virginia History. The Judges of the 19th Judicial Circuit have taken the standard "Friday Civil Docket" and turned it into a charming, historic, easily-accessible public program, for the community to witness justice in action.

If your case is scheduled to be heard in the Historic Courthouse you will be notified directly by the Clerk’s Office, and you will see an “HCH” designation on the Courtroom assignment column of our online Docket.

Below is the schedule of dates that Civil Motions will be heard in the Historic Fairfax Courthouse, located at 4000 Chain Bridge Road.

2020 Historic Fairfax Courthouse
Civil Motions Schedule

Month/Date Docket?
January No
February No
March 27th Cancelled
April 24th Cancelled
May 22nd Cancelled
June 12th Cancelled
July 17th Cancelled
August 14th Cancelled
September 11th Cancelled
October 16th Yes
November 6th Yes
December 4th Yes

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