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Too Good For Drugs

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The award-winning Too Good For Drugs (TGFD) prevention program is offered by CSB Wellness, Health Promotion & Prevention Services for grade K-8 students. If you are interested in being trained to implement this program yourself, please call 703-559-3013.

What is Too Good for Drugs?

  • Too Good for Drugs is a school-based prevention program proven to reduce students’ intent to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in middle school. 
  • The program builds on students' resiliency by teaching them how to be socially competent and autonomous problem solvers.
  • Too Good for Drugs educates students about the negative consequences of drug use and the benefits of a nonviolent, drug-free lifestyle.

What are the primary components of Too Good for Drugs?

Too Good For Drugs is designed to assist students in building on five essential life skills:

  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Bonding with pro-social others
  • Identifying and managing emotions and
  • Communicating effectively

How will children benefit?

Too Good For Drugs:

  • Provides education in social competencies
  • Provides education in emotional competencies
  • Reduces risk factors
  • Builds protective factors at the peer level and
  • Positively changes attitude of children towards drug use. 

How long is the program and when will it be offered?

  • The program consists of 10 weekly sessions. Depending on the grade level, sessions last from 30-45 minutes.
  • CSB can offer this program year-round.

What are some of the subjects covered in the curriculum?

  • Setting goals and overcoming obstacles
  • Analyzing media messages
  • Building healthy friendships
  • Serving the community
  • Healthy ways to handle stress
  • Peer resistance skills
  • Accepting personal responsibility for choices
  • Choosing healthy leisure activities
  • Short-term effects and long-term consequences of drug use

More information is available at www.mendezfoundation.org. Too Good For Drugs program materials are available for review.