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Michael T. Lane,
Director of Individual & Family Affairs

Recovery Education Programs

The CSB offers several programs designed to give individuals the tools and awareness they need to cope with life’s difficulties. Classes are held year-round and are facilitated by trained peer supporters who have taken the classes themselves. Programs include:

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) workshops – WRAP is a plan you create for yourself to take control over your own wellness. The Fairfax-Falls Church WRAP program serves all of Northern Virginia, helping people learn about tools and resources to help keep them well and feel better through difficult times. The free Seminar 1 workshops consist of eight weekly 2-hour education classes. Seminar 2 is training to learn how to facilitate WRAP classes. Advance level WRAP training will train you to train others how to provide WRAP training. Learn more about WRAP.
  • Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) Workshops – WHAM is a training program and peer support group designed to help individuals recover from illnesses more easily, promote overall wellness, and enhance self-management of health and behavioral health among people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders. WHAM provides peer support professionals and volunteers a format for peer support meetings in which attendees support one another as they work toward, achieve, and maintain whole health goals over an 8-week period. Learn more about WHAM.
  • Peer-Run Recovery, Employment and Drop-in Centers – There are five CSB-sponsored peer-run organizations in Fairfax. The recovery and drop-in centers are places where people with mental illness, substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders can engage with others in the recovery progress. Peer-led support groups, employment assistance, recreational and leisure activities, and socialization are among the services provided free of charge. The centers are staffed with volunteers and paid peer-staff who ensure a safe, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Attendees connect with (and find hope and inspiration from) a community of people in recovery. Peers encourage one another toward independence in housing, education, adopting whole health practices, and jobs.
  • Peer Specialist Training – A Certified Peer Specialist is a person in stable mental health and/or substance abuse recovery who shares their recovery journey with others who seek the possibilities of self-determined, satisfying life. The Certified Peer Specialist training focuses on the principles and philosophy of recovery. The course relates each session to the participants’ personal experience of recovery, and provides practice in the core skills of peer-to-peer support. The curriculum is presented within a three-part framework, which emphasizes principles of recovery and peer support; essential skills of peer support; and experiential group process. Training sessions utilize various learning styles, with extensive personal practice and sharing and less lecturing.

For more information about these programs, contact the Office of Consumer and Family Affairs, 703-207-7769.

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