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Michael T. Lane,
Director of Individual & Family Affairs

Office of Individual and Family Affairs

Mission and goals

The mission of the Office of Individual and Family Affairs is to promote inclusion and provide support to individuals receiving Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) services and their family members in their role as self-advocates, assuring that their interests are represented and their input is considered in all planning and policy development for the CSB.

The goals of the our office are:

  • To provide a voice for individuals and family members through participation in executive management, strategic planning and policy development activities;
  • To assure that the voices of individuals and family members are heard and included in all major decisions pertaining to mental health, intellectual disability and substance abuse issues;
  • To serve as a liaison with consumer and family organizations establishing ongoing communication, disseminating information, and identifying major issues in the consumer community; and
  • To provide advocacy support to individuals filing a complaint of a human rights violation and assist in the resolution of complaints to the satisfaction of individuals and family members. (Find out about your rights and what to do if you have a complaint.

About our services

Peer Recovery Specialists

Peer Recovery Specialists are available to meet with individuals in many of the CSB programs. A Peer Recovery Specialist has experience with mental health and/or addiction challenges, is now in stable recovery, and is trained to help others on their own journey to recovery. Peer specialists can meet with individuals or in a group for support and to help people develop their goals, communicate effectively with service providers, provide recovery information and connection with the recovery community. Learn more about the Merrifield Peer Resource Center or learn more about peer support.

Recovery Education Workshops

The CSB offers several programs designed to give individuals the tools and awareness they need to cope with life’s difficulties. Classes are held year-round and are facilitated by trained peer supporters who have taken the classes themselves. Programs include:

Learn more about these programs. For more information on services offered through the our program, contact the Office of Individual and Family Affairs, 703-207-7769.

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