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What's in a Wellness Recovery Action Plan?

A Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a plan you create for yourself to take control over your own wellness. It includes the following sections:

Daily Wellness

  • Wellness Toolbox – This is a list of resources to help keep yourself healthy and deal with difficult situations. The tools from this section are used throughout the WRAP.
  • Daily Maintenance Plan
    • A description of yourself when you are well.
    • Those Wellness Tools you know you must use every day to maintain your wellness.
    • A list of things you might need on any day.

Self-Awareness and Action Plans

  • Triggers and Action Plans
    • This section identifies your triggers, or things outside yourself, which might make you feel worse.
    • Using Wellness Tools, you develop an action plan you can use to get through difficult times.
  • Early Warning Signs
    • This section identifies subtle signs within yourself that let you know you are beginning to feel worse.
    • Using your Wellness Toolbox, you develop an action plan for responding to these signs to help you feel better quickly and prevent a possible difficult time.
  • When Things are Breaking Down
    • This section identifies those signs that let you know you are feeling much worse, perhaps feeling in danger of things becoming a crisis.
    • Using your Wellness Toolbox, you develop a powerful action plan that will help you feel better as quickly as possible and prevent an even more difficult time.

Crisis Plan

  • Advance Directive
    • In the Crisis Plan, you identify those signs that let others know they need to take over responsibility for your care and decision-making, who you want to take over for you and support you through this time, health care information, a plan for staying at home through this time, things that others can do that would help and things they might choose to do that would not be helpful. This kind of proactive advance planning keeps you in control even when it seems like things are out of control.


  • Post-Crisis Plan
    • The post-crisis plan is a guideline you create for yourself to help you get back to your life as it was before the crisis. It involves plans on how to ease back into things, using support as needed, but taking more control back to get well.

More about WRAP

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