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Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP)

"I participated in the WRAP® Seminar I while in the partial hospitalization program
at the Northwest Center in Reston.
It helped me when I was unable to care for myself by providing a plan that was easy to follow.
By following my plan, I was able to stay out of the hospital and
I slowly got well enough to work part-time as a Peer Support Specialist."

WRAP® stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan® . It was developed in Vermont in 1997 by Mary Ellen Copeland and a group of friends who had experience with the mental health system. WRAP is now recognized as an evidence-based practice and has been widely implemented across the country and around the world. WRAP® Workshops at the CSB are led by individuals certified by the Copeland Center as WRAP® Facilitators

Seminar I of WRAP® consists of eight 2-hour education classes grounded in mental health recovery concepts. The only prerequisite is for an individual to express interest in attending.

A Wellness Recovery Action Plan® is a plan you create for yourself to take control over various aspects of your health. The five key principles of a WRAP® are:

  • Hope
  • Personal responsibility
  • Education
  • Self-advocacy and
  • Support

Within a group setting, individuals explore self-help tools (e.g. peer counseling, focusing exercises, relaxation, and stress reduction techniques) and resources for keeping themselves well and for feeling better during difficult times.

Mary Ellen sums up WRAP® with these words: “For a person who has been in the system a long time, WRAP is often a person’s first introduction to the idea that their own ideas and views have value, and that they can make their own decisions and move on with their recovery. It can be the initial step in the recovery process.”

Seminar 2 is training to learn how to facilitate WRAP® classes. Advance level WRAP® training will train you to train others how to provide WRAP® training.

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What's in a Wellness Recovery Action Plan?

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