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Fairfax County, Virginia


Contact Fairfax County is a web-based application available to the public on the Fairfax County public web site. The application is primary used as a resource of contact information for each county agency and department. Anyone with internet access can use Fairfax County Contacts to determine the services and programs provide by each County agency. A password is not required to access the application.

Locating Fairfax County Contact Information


Using your internet connection, navigate to www.FairfaxCounty.govContact Fairfax County is listed on the left-side of the navigation column under e-Services. Click on the "Contact Fairfax County" link to open the main page. Contact information may be browsed and/or searched.

Browsing Contacts

You may choose to browse all contacts or a subset of contacts using the first letter of the agency and/or program name. The type of contact records available include:

Departments & Agencies - lists name,description, web site, telephone numbers, mailing address, programs and services. Records marked with "+" contain division or branch agency listings.

Programs & Services - name, description, web site, associated agency, contact telephone number.

Click on any of these to access an alphabetical list of agencies, programs, and services. Click on any row in the alphabetical list to see a detail record for that agency or program. Use the "next" and "previous" buttons at the bottom of the pages to navigate through the list of records. To return to an alphabetical list, select a hyperlink for the alphabet category or "all contacts".

Searching Fairfax County Contacts

To search for a specific record, enter your search criteria in the input box and click the Go button. You may search for departments, agencies, programs, and services.

NOTE: Any email or other correspondence sent to a member of the Board of Supervisors, or any other public official and/or employee of Fairfax County in the transaction of public business is considered a public record, and such records are subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. This means that Virginia law generally requires the County to provide a copy of any such email, upon request, for inspection and copying to any citizen of the Commonwealth or to any member of the news media.