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Fairfax County, Virginia

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12000 Government Center Parkway
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Bryan Hill,
County Executive

Fairfax County Vision Elements

Maintaining Safe and Caring Communities

The needs of a diverse and growing community are met through innovative public and private services, community partnerships and volunteer opportunities. As a result, residents feel safe and secure, capable of accessing the range of services and opportunities they need, and are willing and able to give back to their community.


Building Livable Spaces

Together, we encourage distinctive "built environments" that create a sense of place, reflect the character, history and natural environment of the community, and take a variety of forms -- from identifiable neighborhoods, to main streets, to town centers. As a result, people throughout the community feel they have unique and desirable places to live, work, shop, play and connect with others.


Connecting People and Places

Transportation, technology and information effectively and efficiently connect people and ideas. As a result, people feel a part of their community and have the ability to access places and resources in a timely, safe and convenient manner.


Maintaining Healthy Economies

Investments in the workforce, jobs, and community infrastructure and institutions support a diverse and thriving economy. As a result, individuals are able to meet their needs and have the opportunity to grow and develop their talent and income according to their potential.


Practicing Environmental Stewardship

Local government, industry and residents seek ways to use all resources wisely and to protect and enhance the County's natural environment and open space. As a result, residents feel good about their quality of life and embrace environmental stewardship as a personal and shared responsibility.


Creating a Culture of Engagement

Individuals enhance community life by participating in and supporting civic groups, discussion groups, public-private partnerships and other activities that seek to understand and address community needs and opportunities. As a result, residents feel that they can make a difference and work in partnership with others to understand and address pressing public issues.


Exercising Corporate Stewardship

Fairfax County government is accessible, responsible and accountable. As a result, actions are responsive, providing superior customer service and reflecting sound management of County resources and assets.



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