COVID-19 Vaccination Experiences

As the Health Department continues vaccinating eligible residents with vaccine on hand, here’s an inside look at the vaccination process through photos and resident testimonials.



(We) got our vaccinations yesterday afternoon at the Government Center. Extremely well organized and well staffed. Our appointment was for 2 p.m. We got there about 1:45 and responded to the "are you here yet" text. At 2:05 we were texted to come in. In less than 10 minutes we had our vaccine...

I received my initial shot on Saturday, Jan. 16, at the Fairfax Government Center and was impressed with the well-organized process. Everyone supporting the program was pleasant, professional, efficient and patient oriented. This effort reflected impressive, advanced planning for a very large team and those in charge deserve a special well done.

(We) received our first COVID vaccines today at the Government Center in Fairfax. We can’t even begin to say how impressed we have been through the entire process from the registration, appointments and...then the actual vaccines! It was amazing how efficiently the way in which they moved folks through the process…Not an easy task with everyone on edge about this virus. In addition, all the staff couldn’t have been nicer and there was cheerfulness throughout the entire building.

We received our shots this past Tuesday. The whole experience was easy to maneuver and very efficient. Also, we commend the professionalism of the employees and volunteers who were coordinating the vaccinations at the Mount Vernon Governmental Center on that day.

My wife and I went Fairfax High today for our first shots. We had an extremely positive experience from the parking to the professionalism and courtesy of the staff and ending with their making sure (there were) no (adverse) reactions. The school facility is a super way to handle people in a safe and orderly fashion…The staff was so good that it actually made it a positive fun outing.

We were greeted by friendly individuals who posed identification questions and health questions and then we were immediately taken to an office where a very friendly and professional medical aide quickly and painlessly administered the Moderna vaccinations. We were given follow up instructions and a card and left within ten minutes of arriving in the office. We then waited 15 minutes in an outer office, which was staffed by an extremely animated and helpful Health Department staffer who made sure everybody was doing well and ensured that everybody was safe before departing.

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