Wellness Resources

Maintaining your - and your family’s - health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic, is about more than just protecting against the virus.

This resource on Daily Life and Coping from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a lot of great tips. And remember, social distancing shouldn’t mean social disconnection; here are some tips to stay connected with others. Topic-related resources are below.

Be sure to visit Fairfax At Home, Visit Fairfax’s guide to all sorts of great and healthy activities that support the local community. 

Maintaining Your Mental Health and Coping with Substance Use Issues

The myStrength app provides a safe, secure, and personalized set of tools to help support your mind, body, and spirit. With content for youth and adults, topics include coping, sleep, anxiety, substance use, loss of a loved one, and much more. To get started with this free app, visit https://appv2.mystrength.com/go/ffccsb/csbcommunity

Click on ‘Sign Up’, and enter access code ‘CSBCommunity’


Fairfax County Public Schools: Mental Health Resources

Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services: COVID Support Warm Line - to support those struggling with trauma, grief and distress caused by COVID-19. Call (877) 349-6428, Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat & Sun 5pm-9pm.  

CDC: Stress and Coping

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Mental Health and COVID-19

If you need help with a mental health or substance use issue:

Emergency Services and Hotlines

In a life-threatening emergency, dial 911.

CSB Emergency Services: 703-573-5679

PRS CrisisLink
Call: 800-273-TALK [8255] or 703-527-4077
Text: “CONNECT” to 855-11
Lifeline Chat: http://SuicidePreventionLifeline.org/chat

Child Protective Services: 703-324-7400

Adult Protective Services: 703-324-7450

Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline: 703-360-7273

Coordinated Services Planning (Basic Needs Assistance): 703-222-0880 

Support Tips for Parents and Caregivers During COVID-19

tips for parents banner

The pandemic has changed the way we all operate day to day, but parents and caregivers may experience additional challenges as they balance caring for themselves along with caring for others. Our Community Services Board has compiled some updated resources.


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