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John W. Foust,
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West Falls Church Redevelopment

The Board of Supervisors adopted an update to the Comprehensive Plan for the West Falls Church Transit Station Area (TSA) on July 13, 2021 to better align with the County’s Transit Oriented Development Guidelines.  The adopted plan encourages mixed used development that includes residential, commercial, institutional, and retail uses. Development under this plan is expected to create a vibrant pedestrian realm and attractive public space that is of a scale that respects the stable residential communities in the area.

January 31 Community Meeting

In preparation for the Planning Commission Public Hearing on Wednesday, February 8th, a virtual community meeting regarding the FCGP-Metro Development rezoning application in the West Falls Church TSA was held on Tuesday, January 31. The meeting recording, chat, and presentations are below:

Rezoning Applications

FCGP-Metro Development (RZ-2022-DR-00006)

Application by EYA, Hoffman and Associates, and Rushmark Properties proposes to rezone the 24-acre West Falls Church Metrorail Station (7040 Haycock Rd, Falls Church) to the Planned Residential Mixed Use zoning district. The proposed development would include up to 810 multifamily units, 90 townhomes, and a 110,000 square feet office building with up to 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail. 

Developer Contact: 
Evan Goldman, EYA LLC
Kushal Reddy, EYA LLC

Converge West Falls (RZ-2022-DR-00018)

Application by HITT Contracting and Rushmark Properties proposes to rezone the 7.5-acre Northern Virginia Center (7054 Haycock Rd, Falls Church) to the Planned Residential Mixed-Use zoning district. The two-block mixed-use project consists of three buildings totaling 820,000 square feet of development and includes a six-floor office building that would serve as HITT Contracting’s corporate headquarters, a 440-unit residential building, and a 2,000 square foot one-story retail kiosk. The office building would include the approximately 40,000-square foot National Center for Smart Construction laboratory space to support Virginia Tech University’s mission as an academic and research institution. 

Developer Contact: 
Neal Kumar, Rushmark Properties

Fairfax County Staff Contact:

Cathy Lewis, Branch Chief

Department of Planning and Development


Nina Aamodt, Planner

Department of Transportation


West Falls Church Active Transportation Study

On July 13, 2021, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Plan Amendment for the West Falls Church Transit Station Area that supports a vision for pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use development near the West Falls Church Metrorail Station. 

Immediately following adoption of the plan amendment, Supervisors Foust and Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik advanced a follow-on motion that directed the Fairfax County Department of Transportation to work with an Advisory Group of area residents and stakeholders to identify opportunities to provide safe, accessible, access to the station area for all modes of active transportation including walking, bicycling, and other forms of non-motorized travel from surrounding communities.  

Advisory group members obtained feedback from their respective communities and three sets of community meetings were held to keep the public informed and to solicit recommendations for needed pedestrian and bike improvements.  Provide periodic reports to the Board and the community on progress made toward project implementation. 

Past Meetings

An informational meeting regarding two rezoning applications in the West Falls Church TSA was held on Tuesday, November 15 at Longfellow Middle School.  This meeting, jointly sponsored by Supervisor Foust and the McLean Citizens Association, included presentations on the applications, an overview of the county review process, and information on additional opportunities for input. Participants could attend in-person or via Zoom. Prior to the meeting the applicants held an in-person open house where residents were able to review informational boards and discuss the proposals with the developers.

Open House Boards:

Questions received through Zoom chat have been referred to the applicants. Responses can be found on their project website, under FAQs

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