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Population with Postgraduate Degrees


Description: Given the professional, technical, and entrepreneurial orientation of much of the growth in the county’s economy, the county needs to maintain a focus on attracting a highly-skilled and educated workforce.

Data: Infographic – Educational Attainment

Performance Measure: Percent of Population with a Postgraduate Degree – measures the percent of Fairfax and Falls Church area residents (ages 25 years and older) that possess a postgraduate degree (i.e., master’s, PhD, and professional degrees beyond a bachelor’s degree).

Interpretation: Fairfax County continues to have a highly educated population with 31.1% possessing a postgraduate degree in 2017.  In 2017, based on data collected from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, 12.8 percent of adults (ages 25 and over) reported possessing an advanced degree (United States Census Bureau, 2017).  

Source: U.S Census Bureau, One-Year American Community Survey, PUMS Files, 2017

Population with postgraduate degrees chart.

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