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Retail Access


Description: In the ever-changing and highly competitive climate for retail sales, it is increasingly important to create vibrant places that include amenities with interesting urban design features.  Successful retail places oftentimes include a mix of land uses with infrastructure that supports pedestrian access and walkability.Map showing retail access in Fairfax County activity centers.

Performance Measure: Number of Retail Establishments Located within each Activity Center – counts the number of retail establishments located within each of the 35 economic activity centers. For the purpose of this data collection effort, the following retail and business structures were included in the data collection and analysis:

  • Food and dining establishments
  • Banks
  • Shopping centers
  • Small retail stores
  • Department stores
  • Large regional shopping malls

Data: Static Map – Retail Access in Activity Centers

Interpretation: This information is being collected and analyzed for the first time using Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration data.  During tax year 2017, there were a total of 779 retail establishments located within all 35 economic activity centers – with the most located within the Annandale Commercial Business Center (76).  There has been a slight increase (3.3%) in the number of establishments since tax year 2007.

Source: Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration

Chart showing number of retail businesses in Fairfax County activity centers.

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